Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1951

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1951

“It’s normal for married couples to quarrel, ” Rodney said awkwardly. “Didn’t you and Uncle quarrel before too?”

“But your uncle wasn’t involved with his ex. When I was younger, I did suspect him. However, it was all just hearsay.”

Heidi sipped her coffee to soothe her stomach before saying in a serious tone, “Rodney, Freya is serious about divorcing you. She’s not kidding nor forcing you to do something. She’s determined to do that because she’s frustrated.”

Rodney’s heart sank, and a rush of helplessness overcame him. “Aunty Heidi, please help me to talk her out of it. I’ve never betrayed her. Why does she have to take it so far? Getting a divorce won’t be good for our child. Can’t she think for the sake of our child?”

Heidi frowned. Although this nephew of hers sounded anxious, he was also seemingly blaming Freya for not being understanding.

Indeed, Rodney was self-willed and tended to drive himself into a blind alley. However, Heidi did not expect him to be so extreme.

“I won’t talk her out of it.”

Heidi shook her head. “In fact, I heard the conversation between you and your grandpa from the side yesterday. Women are different from men. Although you think that nothing happened between you and Sarah, which means that you’ve never betrayed Freya, Freya might not think so.

This is the cause of your conflict with Freya. Apart from this issue, there’ll be more things to argue over in the future. It’s because Freya is aware of this point that she initiated the divorce.

“Since you guys aren’t meant to be together, there’s no point staying together reluctantly. The silent treatment and quarrels in the future will make the child suffer. You guys might as well sit down and talk it out to ensure a better future for the child.”

“To ensure a better future for the child, we can’ t get a divorce.”

Rodney raised his voice and became agitated. “ Aunty Heidi, you’re my aunt. Why are you persuading me on her behalf at a time like this?”

“Look. No matter how much I’ve explained to you, you don’t  seem to see eye to eye with me. I’m  talking sense to you, yet you think you’re right. Do you act the same when you communicate with Freya?”

Heidi put down the cup and said solemnly, “Do you know what an ex means? An ex is someone you can never contact after you get married. If you see her on the street, you must walk away as far as you can. What’s more, this ex of yours has embarrassed Freya many times.”

“I said I’ll send her away. ” Rodney was annoyed at why nobody could understand him.

Heidi said impatiently, “Whatever. No matter whether you send her away or not, Freya is determined to divorce you.”

“Aunty Heidi, does that mean you’re taking her side?” Rodney asked in disbelief.

“ She’s my goddaughter , so why can’t I side with her?” Heidi said, “Honestly, I think Freya and I have an affinity.”

“But it was because of me that you had no choice but to acknowledge her as your goddaughter. You even disagreed—”

“I disagreed only because I didn’t know her well.” Heidi interrupted him. “After getting along with her, I can tell that she’s an honest and dutiful woman. Given that I’m the prime minister’s wife, a lot of people have been wanting to butter me up, but she has never done this. She has never done anything out there using my name either.”

Heidi rose to her feet. “Her parents raised her very well and provided her with a blissful family. She’s not greedy. She’s self-motivated and has her own boundaries. Hence, your uncle and I have decided to respect her instead of forcing her.”

Rodney panicked at the sight of Heidi’s resoluteness.

“Even if you and Uncle agree on our divorce, it’s no use. Freya won’t be able to do anything if I disagree. My parents and grandpa won’t agree as well.”

Rodney was not in the mood to carry on with the conversation. “ I’m going to discuss it with Freya.”

However, the two bodyguards in front stopped him.

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