Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1950

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1950

“You want me to persuade Freya when you’re having an affair with another woman?”

Mrs. Lynch had never been so infuriated. “And that woman is none other than Sarah. You’ve humiliated my daughter so much for Sarah’s sake. After you got engaged with Freya last year, you became her fiancé. Yet, you always spent time with Sarah, causing my daughter to become an object of ridicule. What’s worse, you’re even keeping Sarah when you’re married. Don’t tell me that you’ve never done it with her. As far as I know, no married man would keep their ex who isn’t related nor romantically involved with them.”

“I’m innocent.” Rodney felt aggrieved.

Mr. Lynch immediately snatched Mrs. Lynch’s phone away and said in a firm voice, “At this point, you still don’t realize that you’ve wronged my daughter. You really are a lost cause. I’ve lost hope in a son-in-law like you, no matter how capable you are of making money. Honestly, I’ve never quite liked you from the beginning, so it’s good that both of you get a divorce. The Lynches will be there for Freya, and she can find a better person. Please stop pestering her. ” He hung up right after he finished speaking.

By the time Rodney called back, his number had been blocked.

He was extremely glum. He was not sure if Freya had returned to Melbourne.

As such, he had no choice but to get the Snowden members to search for her.

Within less than half an hour, they brought him news that Freya had gone to The Lodge.

Rodney was stunned. Why was she at The Lodge?

Although Freya was his uncle’s goddaughter, her relationship with his uncle might not be as close as with his parents.

Anyhow, The Lodge was slightly safer than other places.

Hence, he promptly drove there.

The Lodge had tight security. Even so, he was allowed to enter since the security guard knew him.

After going past the garden, he arrived at the east courtyard, where he spotted Heidi in a formal dress. However, he did not see Freya.

“Aunty Heidi, where is Freya?” Rodney asked directly. “I heard she came here.”

“I’ve asked the servant to help her settle down in the building at the back.” Heidi then ordered the servant, in a dignified manner, to prepare some coffee. Then, she pointed to the couch. “Take a seat.”

Rodney had always perceived Heidi as an easy- going aunt ever since he was a child.

Nevertheless, he treated her with great respect. Compared to his mother, Wendy, his mood was different when he faced an elder like Heidi.

Wendy, his biological mother, had pampered him since he was young. No matter how bitterly they rowed, they would make peace with each other the next day. However, Heidi was the prime minister’s wife, so Wendy’s presence could not compare to hers.

“Why did you put her in that building?” Rodney was upset because the building at the back was close to the south building, where Ryan was staying. Moreover, the two buildings shared the same garden.

“Why not?” Heidi laughed before she said pensively, “The environment here is much better than your place.”

“That’s for sure. My place can’t compare with The Lodge. Well… Aunty Heidi, why don’t you let me  stay here as well?” Rodney said shamelessly, “It’s so spacious here. I can stay in the same building as Freya, and I won’t be here for long. We’ll leave once her anger subsides.”

Coincidentally, the servant brought the coffee over at this moment.

Heidi took the cup and swirled it gently, with her eyes lowered. “Rodney, up to this point, do you really think that Freya is just angry?”

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