Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1949

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1949

“I see.”

Rodney’s anxiety melted away.

At first, he did not plan on going to work. However, Carson soon gave him a call, asking him over to sign a document.

Since he did not have much to do at home, he went over.

The minute he arrived in the office, he received a call from Aunty Cally. “Oh no, Young Master Snow. Miss Jones came over just now to help Young Madam to pack her luggage. Then, Young Madam took her luggage and left along with Dani. Before she left, she said she’ll never return.”

Rodney stood rooted to the ground, stunned. Only after a while did he hurriedly dial Catherine’s number. It turned out that she had blocked his number, and so had Freya.

Indeed, he panicked, but he was not in sheer panic.

Every time Freya left the house after arguing with him, she would head to Brighton Gardens and stay there.

Anyway, he knew the password of the Brighton Gardens’ gate.

If worse came to worst, he would move there. It did not matter where he lived as long as he had his wife and child with him.

Hence, he headed to the office to sign the document before rushing to Brighton Gardens.

However, he entered the apartment, only to find it empty. There was no sign of Freya.

Assuming that she had moved to the Hill family’s manor, Rodney swiftly drove there.

Nevertheless, the security guard at the gate stopped him.

“Don’t you know who I am? I used to come here very often. Please, open the gate. I want to see my wife, ” Rodney said to the guard.

The guard looked embarrassed. “I, of course, know who you are, Young Master Snow.  But  Young Master Hill said he has… nothing to do with you anymore. He has told me not to allow you in.”

Exasperated, Rodney widened his eyes. “Is Shaun out of his mind? Does he have to do this just because of the personal vendetta among those women? Please, open the gate. I’m going to talk to Shaun about it.”

“I’m sorry. Please don’t make things difficult for me.” The guard was helpless. “But honestly, Ms. Lynch is not here.”

“That is impossible. She’s not home, and since Catherine is her best friend, where else in Canberra can she be if not here?” Rodney was in total disbelief.

“Young Master Snow, I’m telling you the truth. If you don’t believe me, you can check it for yourself.” The guard closed the window and ignored him.

Rodney said furiously, “Tell Shaun that he’ll never be able to step foot into the Snow family’s house if he doesn’t allow me in today.”

With that, he drove away in a huff.

If Freya was not here, then could she have gone back to Melbourne?

Rodney promptly called Freya’s mother. “Mrs. Lynch, how have you been lately? Are you well? Would you like to come to Canberra to spend some time with us? Freya misses you quite badly…”

“Forget it. You don’t have to worry about my health. ” Mrs. Lynch said indifferently, “After all, Freya might not have anything to do with you anymore.”

Rodney froze. It turned out that Freya had told tales about him in front of her parents so soon.

“Mrs. Lynch, what are you saying? Freya and I are just having a minor conflict…”

“Minor conflict?” Mrs. Lynch got infuriated. However, with her good manners, she managed to hold back her fury. “ So that’s a minor conflict to you, huh? I finally see why Freya is determined to divorce you.”

Determined? Rodney’s heart sank.

He was under the impression that Freya’s anger would subside after another night.

He was under the impression that he could coax Freya into returning home like he previously did when she left the house.

“Mrs. Lynch, it really was a misunderstanding. I like her. As you know, there have been a few times when we wanted a divorce, but we never did.” Rodney begged Mrs. Lynch in a deep voice, “Please help me persuade her. For the sake of Dani, our relationship can’t break down.”

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