Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1948

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1948

In the villa.

When Freya was playing with Dani absent- mindedly, she received a Whatsapp message from Ryan. [I’ve persuaded my parents. Don’t worry. Just do whatever you want.]

She was stunned for a few seconds.

It felt as if her cold heart was wrapped in a layer of warmth, and it made her eyes sting.

After a moment, she replied: [Thank you.]

At dawn, Rodney drove back home. However, the master bedroom was locked, so he could only sleep in the guest bedroom.

When he woke up the next day, his knees were hurting.

Nevertheless, he still got up early in the morning to make a hearty breakfast.

When Freya arrived downstairs, she could smell the aroma of the breakfast laid on the table. Then, she glanced at Rodney, who was beside the dining table,

looking like he wanted to please her. However, a hint of mockery washed over her.

In the past, it was these tricks of his that made her think he was a good man who was worth spending the rest of her days with.

Thinking back, was a man who could c**k a good man?

Did her expectations stoop so low because of Patrick?

“Wifey, it has been a night. Please don’t be mad. Look, I made your favorite pancakes and waffles…” Rodney looked at Freya with a pitiful expression.

He was handsome, so when he blinked his eyes, people would usually go soft-hearted seeing it.

Freya sat down on the chair and ate breakfast.

Although she hated Rodney a lot, she could not let her stomach go hungry.

After all, she could only have the strength to fight after eating, right?

When Rodney saw Freya eating the food he made, he was delighted. He thought she was not angry anymore. Therefore, he sat on the chair beside hers and said, “Wifey, my knees are hurting so badly. Yesterday, my grandpa called me over and kicked me hard on my stomach. He made me kneel until midnight before I could leave.”

“Then?” Freya asked out of curiosity.

“I came back after that.” Rodney said jokingly,“ Freya, I really don’t know how you’re so charming. I’m Grandpa’s biological grandson, yet he always takes your side. You can’t imagine how angry he was. Luckily, I promised him that I’d definitely send Sarah away after half a month. Only then did his anger subside a little, and he did not continue reprimanding me. Instead, he told me to  cherish you and live happily with you.”

Upon hearing Rodney’s words, Freya was so disgusted that she lost her appetite for her breakfast.

Her heart grew cold too.

Did Old Master let the matter slide by asking Rodney to kneel for a few hours even though he was keeping Sarah out there?

Ha! Rodney was the foolish one. However, would a person as wise as Old Master Snow think that Sarah would be sent away willingly?

Would Jason and Wendy not know as well?

Or they might have accepted the fact that there was nothing they could do about it. When the time came, Freya could be the legal wife while Sarah was the mistress.

Luckily, Ryan had analyzed the situation for Freya yesterday. Although the Snow family treated her well and had always taken her side when she and Rodney fought, they were all cunning people. The family’s benefit was always the top priority for them.

“Wifey, I know I lied to you lately. I was wrong. I guarantee that I won’t go to Sarah’s place anymore these days. Let me drive you and Dani on a trip to the nearby manor for a few days, ” Rodney said with excitement.

“I’ll pass.”

Freya put down her fork. “You can go to work.”

“Don’t be like that. Let’s go get some fresh air, okay?” Rodney went over to hold her hand.

However, Freya withdrew her hand and went upstairs with a cold expression.

Rodney looked at her from behind. His enthusiasm dwindled.

Aunty Cally consoled him. “Women will always stay angry for a few days, especially since you two had such a big fight yesterday. She needs time to cool down. ”

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