Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1947

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1947

Ryan made use of the opportunity immediately. “ Dad, Mom, Freya is your goddaughter after all.

Won’t it be embarrassing for you guys if she ends up in a bad situation?”

Nathan’s brows were knit in a tight frown. He was seemingly wavering.

When Ryan saw that, he added, “Dad, you’re the person I admire the most in my life, and you’ve achieved the position that you wanted. But how many people have you and Grandpa plotted against all these years? Can’t we be kinder sometimes?

After all, you once said you took up this position because you wanted to make the lives of Australia’s citizens better. Isn’t Freya your citizen as well?

Please don’t let authority blind you.”

Nathan’s heart thumped. He looked toward his son, who was at his side. “I didn’t do that just for myself. I’m paving a path for you too.”

Ryan shook his head indifferently. “You and Grandpa have set your thoughts too far. The position of prime minister isn’t hereditary. It doesn’t mean that your son will take the position after you. If you have such thoughts, I’ll think that you’ve changed. You’ve become like the kings of the past, greedy and selfish.”

“Ryan… How can you say that about your father?” Heidi saw Nathan’s dark expression and told Ryan “Dad, what I said is the truth. Such are humans. When we’re at the bottom of the mountain, we think that the view at the top is better. But after we climb up with all our might, we think that the view on another taller mountain is better. Ambitions are like a bottomless pit.”

Ryan’s clear eyes gazed at his father. “Are you starting to feel unsatisfied again now that you’re in the position of prime minister?”

Nathan was shocked.

It seemed like his son had pointed out something that he did not realize himself.

“Dad, no family will last at the top forever. If I can’t assume the position of prime minister in the  future, that only means that I’m incapable. There are other people who’re better than me, and I’ll accept it wholeheartedly. I believe that that person will do better than me too.”

Ryan smiled. He was calm and direct. “I’ll do my best, but it’s okay even if I fail. There are benefits to being in a high and low position. Why do we have to be so fixated on it?”

Nathan looked at his son. The calmness in Ryan’s eyes made him feel at ease all of a sudden.

He became relaxed as well.

“Maybe you’re right.” Nathan sighed and smiled. “ I’m already in my forties. I should be content with governing the country properly and accompany your mom and my family more.”

“Yes. You’ll surely be remembered in history, ” Ryan said as he smiled sincerely.

“Look at you.” Nathan shook his head helplessly. “ Since Freya wants to get a divorce, I’ll do my best to persuade your grandpa.”

Heidi nodded. “There’s indeed no need to ruin her life. But what’s troublesome is her daughter…”

“Mom, the child can’t be left with Rodney. With Sarah’s evil personality, won’t she abuse the child if she and Rodney get married in the future?” Ryan said hastily.

“You have a point there. ” Heidi looked at her son and smiled. “What do you think we should do?”

“It’s simple. Freya can stay in The Lodge. The child will follow and be under our watch. Then, everyone can rest assured. If Uncle Jason and his wife miss their granddaughter, they can bring Dani over to live with them when she’s a little older. But she can never have any contact with Sarah.”

Ryan expressed his idea, which Heidi and Nathan agreed to.

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