Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1946

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1946

“No matter what, Sarah cannot enter the Snow family,” Nathan said in a stern voice.

Heidi nodded in agreement. “That kind of person will ruin the Snow family’s reputation. She might even bury a bomb for the Snow family.”

“So… You’re saying that we don’t have to care about Rodney and have Freya continue to be the young madam? If Sarah happens to get pregnant,

Rodney can keep her outside as his mistress?” Ryan suddenly asked sternly.

Nathan and his wife fell silent.

That scene made Ryan shudder inexplicably. “ Haven’t you both thought about Freya at all?”

After a long moment of silence, Nathan sighed and said, “Sometimes, we’ll gain some things and lose some things as well.”

“What did Freya gain?”

Ryan turned to look at his father. “Getting an identity as your goddaughter? But you’re the prime minister. You should know that many people are clear as to why you took her in as your goddaughter. Mom, you must’ve heard a lot of rumors when you attend those banquets too. Canberra is  huge,  but not many respect her.

“Moreover, when Senator Mead was rebelling, most of us knew the truth. But we never told Freya because we wanted to make her bait to deceive Senator Mead. We allowed Senator Mead’s men to monitor her every moment, which made her frightened and worried during her pregnancy.”

Nathan was rendered speechless, and Heidi sighed. “She really has gone through a lot for that.”

“That’s not the only incident. ” A hint of sarcasm flashed across Ryan’s expression. “Back then, when you guys wanted to separate Sarah and Rodney, all of you thought Freya was nice, so you made her pregnant. After she was pregnant, you acknowledged her as your goddaughter to make her stay willingly. Then, she chose to get married to Rodney for the sake of the Snow family’s reputation. Now, you guys want her to sacrifice again because you’re afraid of Sarah marrying into the Snow family.”

Ryan’s words did make Nathan quite ashamed. “ Ryan, this isn’t my intent alone. It’s the Snow family’s intent. Do you understand?”

“I do. That’s why I’m telling you guys about this in private, ” Ryan said.

Heidi was puzzled. “Why are you speaking for Freya today? Did she… say anything to you?”

“Mom, if you were Freya, would you stay with Rodney?” Ryan asked all of a sudden.

Heidi was silent. Of course, she would not.

She would even slowly torture Rodney and Sarah.

Ryan said sympathetically, “Freya isn’t Sarah’s opponent at all, and I reckon Sarah has no intentions of leaving Australia too. Once she gets pregnant, she’ll have many ways to keep Rodney by her side. You can see it for yourselves now, much less the future. During the questioning just now, Rodney had no consideration for Freya at all. As time passes, Freya will be left to take care of the

child in the villa alone. Then, her wonderful youth as a woman will be ruined.

“The worst is that Freya will be forced into a dead end. She hates Sarah. No one hates Sarah more than she does, and she’ll despise Rodney. If that goes on, she’ll fall into depression. What about Rodney?

Since he has a nice woman out there, it’ll be even less likely for him to go home to a woman who hates him.”

“What you said… is quite possible.” Heidi nodded. Sometimes, women knew each other better. “ Did Freya look for you to tell you that she wants to divorce Rodney?”

Ryan nodded. “I’ve asked her that. She’s very determined, and… very disappointed. She cried a lot in the evening too. But at that time, Rodney had no time to care about her at all. All he cared about was accompanying Sarah.”

“Oh, Rodney…” Heidi shook her head in disappointment.

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