Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1943

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1943

“If you don’t want to get a divorce, then we have no choice but to go through the legal procedures,” Freya said coldly. “By then, don’t blame me for sullying your reputation. After all, let’s see who would be disgraced if word got out that someone was sneaking around with his first love when he’s already married.”

After that, Freya picked Dani up and went upstairs. She did not even want to have dinner, lest she lose her appetite just by looking at Rodney.

When she got upstairs, she threw all of Rodney’s clothes and daily necessities out.

Looking at his stuff lying in a mess on the corridor, Rodney was so furious that his head hurt.

However, before he could pack up the mess, he received a call from the Snow family’s manor.

“Get back here,” Old Master Snow said coldly.

Rodney’s heart skipped a beat. From Freya’s tone just now, he could tell that she had not informed the people at the manor yet. This meant that Shaun

had told them.

On the way to the manor, he called Shaun, feeling upset. “Shaun, why can’t you wait for half a month? Must you be so hasty in telling my family about this matter?”

Shaun said icily, “Are we close?”

Rodney choked. “ Do you have to go this far? I’ve already told you that your memories will recover in just half a month.”

Shaun chuckled. “Rodney, you can say that so easily because it didn’t happen to you. Have you tried to understand the pain of losing my memories again and again? Have you tried understanding my feelings of having the person I love wiped out from my mind and strangely substituted with another person? Do you know how hopeless I felt that I wanted to kill myself when I realized the countless things I’ve done that hurt Cathy? You don’t know anything.”

Rodney was embarrassed about being accused. However, he could not help but retort, “You were the one who failed Sarah first. Your relationship with Sarah used to be so good. You were her everything. Yet, you fell in love with another woman during the years she went missing. No woman would not be alright with that.”

“Aren’t you aware that she approached me with ulterior motives?” Shaun asked in disbelief.

“ I don’t think so. Sarah was so young at that time. How would she be so scheming? You lost your memories, so you got to know many things from Catherine. Catherine hates Sarah. What she told you might not be true.”

Rodney said, “Sarah was wrong in the sense that she shouldn’t have hypnotized you to forget about Catherine. However, you have to understand that a woman will bear hatred out of love. But in the end, she still wants to help you with recovery.”

Shaun almost went insane with anger. “Enough. I don’t want to listen to your voice anymore. Rodney, from today onward, our friendship is over. I no longer have you as a friend.”

After he spoke, he hung up furiously.

Rodney was infuriated as well, and he punched the steering wheel out of exasperation.

All he wanted was to compensate Sarah. Why did nobody understand him?

No matter if it was his wife or his best friend, every one of them was breaking up with him. Could they give it a rest?

In the Hill family’s manor.

After Shaun hung up the call, Catherine saw him taking his suit off and throwing it on the bed hard. His handsome face was filled with anger.

She had never seen him being so angry before. “Are you… really ending things with Rodney?”


Shaun rubbed his temples with a cold expression.

Catherine pouted. “You’ve fought with Rodney for Sarah’s sake in the past too. Both of you didn’t communicate for a while, but you guys made up afterward.”

“Really?” Shaun said indifferently. Since Catherine mentioned it, that memory did seem quite familiar. All of a sudden, he held his head with his hands.

Catherine looked at him worriedly. “What’s wrong?”

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