Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1938

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1938

After all, no matter if it was Sarah’s identity or status, it was all inferior to her.

However, Ryan did not point out the truth. Freya would naturally come to understand it when she interacted with Rodney.

After that, Freya went to the solicitors’ office before going back to the villa.

The moment she arrived, she saw Rodney’s car parked in the courtyard.

As she got down the car, Rodney was already hurriedly walking out of the house. His pretty face looked anxious. “Where did you go? I’ve been calling you for the entire evening, but you didn’t pick up.”

Freya did not say anything. She was afraid that her blood would boil once she talked to him and that she would chop him up with a knife.

She was never that easily angered back then with Patrick.

Perhaps it was because she and Patrick were not married nor had a child together. Most importantly, that woman was not Sarah.

In Freya’s entire life, she despised the siblings, Sarah and Thomas, the most. With Rebecca, she was only disgusted.

That was because she did not have any deep grudges with Rebecca.

“Say something.”

Rodney pulled Freya’s arm. Looking at her cold expression, Rodney wetted his lips unnaturally. “I didn’t lie to you on purpose. I just wanted to wait half a month to verify the validity of Sarah’s words. After that, I’ll send her overseas. I stopped liking her a long time ago. I kept it a secret from you because I was afraid you would overthink and misunderstand me, just like this current predicament. I can’t explain everything clearly to you, but… You’re a little too much as well. To think you inserted a tracker in my phone. Forget it. I don’t want to fuss over this anymore. Let’s just call it even and continue living our days peacefully,

okay? Sarah won’t be in Canberra after half a month anyway.”

Freya sneered.

Since Sarah had the guts to come back, would she be willing to be sent overseas?

She most probably still had some tricks up her sleeves.

Moreover, what did Rodney mean by not wanting to fuss over that matter anymore?

Maybe, this was just an insignificant matter to him.

If Freya made a fuss, Rodney might even think that she was narrow-minded.

However, Freya did not fight. She simply asked, “Do you really believe in what Sarah said?”

Rodney pouted. “I didn’t intend to believe her at first, but I’ve asked Shaun before. Shaun said he did feel like his memories were about to recover. Didn’t you see it for yourself? He even left this morning. That means that he believes it too.”

Freya felt incredibly helpless. “Does that mean you don’t care that  she used to treat  you as a backup and cheated on you? She’s just dirty  goods  that have been used by countless men.”

“Freya, shut up.” Rodney found her words too jarring, so he instinctively stopped her angrily, his face cold.

Freya really did shut up.

She realized that she could not criticize Sarah in front of Rodney, or he would get angry at her.

Things were not like that in the past. Rodney used to cherish Freya truly.

The difference was so drastic that Freya could not recover from it.

However, Rodney did not notice anything amiss. He said, “Freya, you can say that about other people but not about Sarah. It’s unfair to her. Back then, I was the one who willingly became a backup, and she didn’t cheat on me either. It was just an act between her and President Yard.

“Her goal was to make me leave her voluntarily and return to the Snow family. At that time, my career wasn’t going well, and my friends were leaving me one after another. She only did that because she saw that I was depressed.

“She wanted me to have a better life and didn’t want to drag me down. She didn’t collude with Wesley as well. In fact, she was caught and threatened by Wesley.”

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