Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1937

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1937

Ryan reached out to Freya’s hair and caressed it. It was quite an intimate act.

Freya could not help but  recall Rodney’s warning.  At the thought of it now, she found it ridiculous.

Since Rodney could spend the entire night with Sarah, why could she not let her so-called brother, Ryan, caress her hair?

In the past, she never realized Rodney’s double standards and selfishness.

“It’s because Rodney is handling the Snow family’s core business, ” Ryan said with a grim expression.

Freya got the message. “Are you referring to the alternative energy project?”

“Mm.” Ryan nodded. “With the fast-growing technologies over the past few years, there’s fierce competition among the businesses in the world.

This project is the most crucial core business in Australia over the decade. Since the project started, my dad and uncle have been strongly supporting it. Although Rodney made a mistake in the issue with Sarah last time, he’s a business prodigy. With Rodney and Carson’s cooperation, this project is officially on track. Rodney is capable of handling this project, and no one can replace him.

Considering that Carson is young, he’s not as experienced as Rodney. Furthermore, my grandpa has praised Rodney in front of us many times.”

Freya was stunned. She rarely asked Rodney about work, and he would not talk much about it to her either.

Due to his affair with Sarah, Freya always saw him as a silly, incapable, wealthy man who only managed to set up a few companies because of his background. It turned out that she had misunderstood him.

On second thought,  she was indeed wrong. If he were so useless, how could he be good friends with Shaun and Chester?

“What’s more…”

Ryan said with mixed feelings, “Rodney has been kicked out of the Snow family once, so he can understand how it feels to be helpless and left with nothing. Do you think he’ll be unprepared like last time?”

After a long time, Freya said with relief, “I don’t care whether the Snow family will teach him a lesson or punish him. I’m set on divorcing him. He might marry Sarah in the future and even become the most brilliant and richest man in the world. But I don’t care, nor will I regret or admire him.”

Ryan gave a vague smile.

His eyes flashed with gentleness.

For many other women, they might disagree with her words just now.

After all, Rodney was indeed a promising man. Some women would choose to turn a blind eye to their husbands’ affairs as long as their position as wives was secured.

However, Freya was never bothered about power and money.

“I’ll help you with this matter. You can’t stay with Dani alone outside because Rodney can simply enter your house without your permission. You can move to the official residence  first, and I’ll persuade my parents, ” Ryan said firmly.

Freya’s lips parted. She subconsciously wanted to reject his offer.

Nevertheless, she remembered that Rodney had gone to stay in Brighton Gardens soon after she moved there.

If he wanted to pester her, it would be best for her to stay in the official residence.

“Well… let’s see, ” Freya said in hesitation, “Now that he’s with Sarah, I’m sure he’ll be ready to divorce me if I initiate it. The only problem is Dani Ryan stared at her helplessly  and sighed deep down.

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