Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1933

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1933

In fact, Chester could have begged for mercy and spoken up for Rodney. However, considering that Rodney was protective of Sarah, it was not easy to deal with the issue. Dealing with it would make Freya suffer too.

He was not bothered to beg for mercy on behalf of Rodney.

Even Chester, who was cold and distant, felt that Rodney was ignorant of the truth.

Shaun had nothing much to say either.

Given that Shaun had lost his memory, he was not very close to Rodney. Now that Rodney was covering up for Sarah and opposing him, Shaun did

not even feel like being friends with him anymore.

Catherine asked with discontent, “So are we going to wait for half a month without doing anything? Is there a way to expose Sarah’s true colors?”

“How should we do it?” Chester asked, “Should we look for President Yard who put on an act with her before this? I’m guessing he doesn’t know Sarah’s

intentions either. He went along probably because he assumed that Sarah wanted to fulfill Rodney’s wishes.”

Shaun scoffed. “This matter sounds simple, but you all know full well that Sarah has done many evil deeds. Rodney is still hopeful about her, which is why he chose to believe in her. Deep down, he continues to hope that the girl he has had a crush on for over ten years is kind. He believes that she was forced to do those bad deeds before this.”

Catherine went quiet.

Although the comments might hurt Freya’s self- esteem, they could be the truth.

It was fine if other people did not believe that Sarah did those things, but Rodney did.

That was why he had been defending her.

Freya let out a sardonic laugh. “You’re right, Young Master Hill. Rodney isn’t clear about the situation. In fact, he doesn’t want  to get it clear. No matter how protective he is of Sarah, I won’t let her off.”

“Right. Sarah is too evil, ” Catherine said, “ Shaun, she deserves to die more than a hundred deaths for what she has done to us in the past. She secretly took away Aunty Jennifer’s ashes and threw them elsewhere. She was also the one who incited

Thomas to infuriate Uncle Boris, and she ruined the entire Neeson family. I definitely won’t allow her to get away just like that.”

At the mention of the Neeson family’s matter, Chester blinked his eyes, which flashed with a hint of grimness.

Shaun wrapped his arm around Catherine’s shoulder. “I’ll discuss this with Uncle Nathan and contact Uncle Titus as well. Bear in mind that if it weren’t for the drug Sarah provided, your mom wouldn’t have fallen sick. Rodney has been feeling guilty about it. We can all pressure him by then. ”

After pausing for a moment, Shaun said coldly, “By the way, I promised Rodney that I’d wait for half a month, but I didn’t tell him that death awaits Sarah even if I recover half a month later.”

After that, Catherine asked the two men to leave first.

She stayed there to keep Freya company. “Do you want me to have a drink with you?”

“The bars aren’t open in the daytime.” Freya wanted to find a place to get a drink too. When she thought about Dani, she had no choice but to tell herself that escaping reality by drinking would not help. ”Cathy, I want to consult a lawyer about divorce-related matters. I also want to fight for Dani’s custody. ”

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