Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1932

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1932

“Sarah… has come prepared, ” Chester  said glumly, “ She probably conspired with Wesley back then, but she also made a backup plan for herself in case he failed. Now that Wesley has failed, Nathan, the prime minister, has the upper hand in everything. The Snow family has become the most influential family in Australia, and one of the members is the heir. The fact that Rodney is her ex-boyfriend is the primary reason why Sarah came back.”

Catherine and Freya were both astounded at the same time. Freya stammered, “Do you mean that she plotted this long ago just in case Wesley failed.”

“If Wesley had succeeded, the first thing he would’ve done is get rid of Shaun and Catherine. When Shaun fell down the stairs, he was like a fool, so Wesley did not doubt him. If Shaun had passed away, nothing would trouble Sarah anymore. She could depend on Wesley and act unscrupulously in Australia.”

Chester said indifferently, “But Wesley failed and Shaun is still alive. Hence, she came back to prove herself innocent of the crime in front of Rodney. She’ll claim that she was accused or that it was Wesley who forced her.”

At first, Catherine and Freya were confused about it. Upon hearing Chester’s analysis though, the two of them grasped the point.

Sure enough, only the most manipulative person could see through Sarah’s mind.

It was no wonder that Rodney would defend Sarah.

“But… it’s a fact that Sarah cuckolded Rodney. Didn’t you also catch sight of Sarah being intimate with another man in front of Rodney? ” Catherine asked Chester curiously, “As a man, would you forgive her just like that?”

Chester smiled sarcastically. “If Sarah has made preparations in regards to Shaun’s illness, why couldn’t she do the same with her break up with Rodney? At that time, Rodney had left the Snow family. Indeed, he was worthless to her, so she wanted to get rid of him.

“But now that Nathan has become the president as well as the most important figure in Australia, Rodney’s status is elevated after returning to the Snow family. What’s more, the Snow family kicked Rodney out of the house previously not because they planned to give up on him. Rather, they just wanted to teach him a lesson.”

Shaun nodded and opened his mouth slowly. “ Similar to my analysis back then, Sarah could always go back to Rodney if Wesley failed. That was why she did something that would make Rodney forgive her. For example… She could say she did not leave Rodney back then because she wanted to.

Instead, her intention was for Rodney to go back to the Snow family.

“She hoped for him to live better and soar higher. She didn’t want to be his stumbling block. She did everything for his own good without meaning to hurt him.”

“Right. This is the most probable reason.”

Chester agreed. “If I’m not mistaken, when I saw Sarah and President Yard behaving intimately previously, it was probably just an act. She got President Yard to put on an act with her at the last minute. When Rodney heard Sarah’s explanation, he would definitely doubt her and probe into the matter.

“After discovering that Sarah and President Yard might be innocent, Rodney probably felt that he owes Sarah because he thinks that Sarah has sacrificed a lot for him. As such, he’s very guilty toward her.”

Freya was dumbfounded.

She had to admit that Shaun and Chester were Rodney’s best buddies as they knew his character so well.

Of course, Sarah understood Rodney very well too. Otherwise, her plan would not have worked out.

A moment later, she muttered, “Sarah might’ve planned this plot very well, but it still goes to show that Rodney has feelings for her. He still can’t get over his sweetheart.” Chester stayed quiet.

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