Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1930

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1930

Freya did that because she could no longer put up with Sarah. She did not feel like playing along with her.

Another reason was simply that she did not want to be with Rodney anymore.

From the moment Rodney stood here and started criticizing her, she had completely given up on him.

“ I’ve told you everything. Why don’t you believe that there’s nothing going on between us?” Rodney thundered in fury. “I’m hiding her here not without reason.”

“So can you tell us what the reason is?”

In the corridor, Shaun and Chester, who were dressed in black suits, walked up to Rodney with grim expressions on their handsome faces.

No one would expect these three good buddies to end up in a war of words.

Shaun said icily,  “Can you tell me why you’re hiding this matter from us and even your wife? You know that we’ve been looking for her everywhere.

You told us that you’re willing to get Snowden members to assist me, yet you’re protecting her behind our backs. You’re playing hide and seek with us, huh?”

He stretched out the last word to express his exasperation.

Chester’s dark eyes contained a hint of disbelief and disappointment. Clearly, he could not figure out why Rodney was so muddle-headed.

In the face of everyone’s doubt, Rodney frowned and gritted his teeth. “There’s no point in explaining to you guys right now. Shaun, give me half a month and you’ll know the answer.”

Sarah said with a low voice, “I’m willing to stay here throughout this period without stepping out. If you don’ t believe me, you can send someone to guard the door.”

After raising his eyebrows, Chester lit a cigarette. “ What’s your plan?”

Rodney said, “Shaun will recover his memory in half a month. Actually, Sarah did all those things in an attempt to cure his illness, including when he fell down the stairs before.”

“Hah.” Freya was the first person to let out a laugh. She stared fixedly at Rodney as though he was an incurable fool. “Do you really trust her?”

“I do.” Rodney nodded without the slightest hesitation. “ If she were lying, she wouldn’t have allowed us to keep watch of her here. Also, if she’s really lying to me, I would be the first person who wouldn’t let her off the h**k. Anyway, what she said is true. She’s not lying.”

“Rodney, thank you for believing in me,” Sarah said emotionally.

Rodney patted her on the shoulder with gentle eyes. The scene made Freya lower her gaze.

Shaun, Chester, and Catherine furrowed their brows.

“In fact, just half a month is enough time, ” Rodney said, “It’s not a long period.”

“What if I reject?” Shaun asked with a discreet smile.

Rodney felt powerless. “Shaun, let me remind you that Wesley never mentioned that Sarah was guilty. You guys just presumed that she was involved in the matter. Even if you want to capture her without any proof, the police won’t file a case. Although my uncle is fond of you, that doesn’t mean you can capture her unscrupulously.”

“I got it.”

Shaun broke into a smile, yet his eyes were not beaming at all.

He put his hand around Catherine’s shoulders. “ Let’s go. With Snowden members here, Sarah won’t be able to escape.”

Catherine was seething with rage. “But…”

Shaun glanced at Freya. “I think Miss Lynch knows what’s going on. At least, the two of you didn’t come for nothing today.”

“Young Master Hill is right.” After letting out a snort, Freya turned around and left without bothering to look at Rodney.

Catherine immediately went after her. Shaun then followed suit.

Chester blew some smoke out and shot a pensive look at Sarah. “Sarah, I didn’t know you were so brilliant.”

He sneered before striding away.

When he turned around, he noticed that Rodney was hugging Sarah.

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