Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1919

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1919

“No.” Freya shook her head. “But Rodney didn’t come back the whole night the day before yesterday. He lied to me, saying that he had a business engagement with Mr. Micheal. I asked someone to investigate it. Mr. Micheal already left Australia long ago. He’s not in Canberra at all. Oh, but Rodney lied as though he himself believed it was the truth. The fact that he went to Cairns for a business trip previously was a lie too.”

Catherine went silent.

She gazed at Freya’s pale face. She suddenly felt regretful. Why had she advised Freya to try to get along with Rodney back then?

However, Catherine never thought that Rodney would be like this either.

Not much time had passed yet Rodney was already telling lies.

Freya continued saying, “ I gave it some thought. With Rodney’s character, it’s unlikely that he has another woman outside, so it has to be Sarah. You also said that Sarah has returned, but she can’t be found. Sarah might’ve hurt Rodney before, but you said yourself that she’s a person who has once completely deceived Rodney, Chester, and Shaun before. Rodney is so stupid. Maybe he’s getting deceived by Sarah again. It’s not impossible.”

“Don’t be so certain about it.” Catherine sat by Freya’s side. She took something out of her pocket and handed it to Freya.

“What is this?” Freya received it. She realized that the item was as tiny as an ant.

“A tracker.”

Catherine cleared her throat. “I wanted to use it on Shaun, but I think you need it more than me.”

“Just be frank. I may be silly, but I’m not an idiot, ” Freya said coldly.

“Okay.” Catherine touched her forehead. “Actually, when you told me the previous time that Rodney’s attitude toward Sarah is a little weird and he lied to you about going to Cairns, I had someone make this thing.”

“So you had your suspicions from the start?” Freya stared at Catherine.

Catherine was embarrassed. “You were the one who suspected him first. Actually, I have a question because I can’t seem to understand. Why did Sarah want to come back? If she escaped overseas, changed her identity, and continued with her life, we might not even be able to find her. However, she still took the risk and came back.”

“Changing to another identity means starting over again. Her days will definitely not be as comfortable as before, ” Freya could not help but mutter.

“That’s right. Sarah has returned, but why does she think that she won’t get caught by us even if she comes back?” Catherine said, “Wesley adamantly refused to testify against Sarah after he was caught. He knows that we hate Sarah, and he hates us a lot. Do you think he’s letting Sarah be on the loose on purpose? Maybe they have some plans that we don’t know about. By keeping Sarah, does Wesley think that she still has the ability to go against us?”

“Who knows?”  Freya’s body felt cold upon listening to Catherine. “Your words made me have goosebumps.”

“Let’s test Rodney.”

Catherine said, “You’re with him every day. Insert this inside his phone while he’s bathing and you can find out where he goes every day. We can confirm it very soon if he’s hiding Sarah.”

Freya stared at that tiny thing. She seemed to feel a heavy weight pressing onto her. “If he’s really hiding Sarah, I’ll never forgive him for my whole life. I’ll divorce him.”

Catherine patted her shoulders to console her.

Freya was upset. “I don’t believe that I’ll lose to Sarah again. What’s so good about that woman? How am I not good enough compared to her? If I get a divorce, I’ll never marry again in this lifetime. I’ll never trust men again.”

“Don’t be so sure yet. Maybe Rodney has other reasons. ” Catherine tried to console Freya. “If he’s really hiding Sarah, not only will I support you in divorcing him but I won’t even let Shaun contact him.”

“Mm, don’t interact with Rodney. Just let him stay by that b*tch Sarah’s side his whole life. No, we won’t even let Sarah stay alive. We still have to avenge Charity and Aunty Jennifer.”

In the past, Freya could forgive Rodney no matter how much they fought. That was because Rodney had not touched her limit.

Her limit was Sarah.

No one could ever violate that.

Freya unconsciously tightened her grip on the tracker in her hand.

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