Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1917

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1917

The words Rodney said were so sincere. She really believed them.

However, all of them were lies. They were all meant to deceive her.

Had telling lies become a habit to him that even he believed in them himself?

Freya’s chest felt suffocated.

She was depressed, ridiculous, angry, and sad. She felt like a total joke.

She still could not understand why Rodney was lying to her.

“Freya… ” Ryan called out to Freya worriedly as she was silent. “Don’t worry. I’ll investigate this matter thoroughly for you—”

“No need. I might’ve guessed something, ” Freya interrupted him with a hoarse voice. “I’m fine on my own.”

“Okay. ” Ryan could hear from her voice that she was holding back her tears. He was unhappy. “No matter what you decide, I’ll always support you.”

“Really?” Freya lifted her lips in a self-deprecating smile. “How will you support me? Ultimately, I’m still an outsider in the Snow family. I may be your dad’s goddaughter, but everyone knows the true reason behind him taking me in as his goddaughter.”

“But I’m always on your side,” Ryan said gently, “ Otherwise, I wouldn’t have told you the truth today. If I were on Rodney’s side, I would’ve personally found him to teach him a lesson and tell him not to lie to you in the future. However, I think you have the right to know the truth. You can seek out the truth. If he has really disappointed you, I’ll help you.”

“How will you help me?” Freya could not help but ask in confusion.

“I’ll help you to fight for Dani’s custody, ” Ryan said in a low voice.

Freya’s eyes were almost wet with tears.

Why did she promise to get along with Rodney before? Actually, was it not all for Dani’s sake?

She knew that she could not win against Rodney or the Snow family.

In addition, Rodney said he liked her and had started to treat her well. Her heart wavered, and she began to have some thoughts.

Freya thought that Rodney would give her the same good treatment he had given Sarah.

She thought that the woman who was loved by Rodney would be very happy.

Maybe she had overthought.

The woman who was loved by Rodney was Sarah, while she was just Freya.

“Thank you.” Freya ended the call. She turned around and went back into the room. Looking at Dani’s sweet, happy smile, her heart was filled with confusion.

If it was possible, she really hoped that things could continue as they were forever.

That way, her child would be able to grow up in a happy family.

Too bad… there were no ifs.

“Wifey, you’re awake. Come and have some breakfast. ” Rodney suddenly opened the door and entered. He saw Freya sitting at the side of the bed with her long hair down. Her side profile was exquisite.

He could not resist going over to hug her. He lowered his head to kiss her.

“I haven’t brushed my teeth.”

Freya avoided Rodney. She went into the bathroom and closed the door.

She leaned against the door. After a moment of silence, she went in front of the mirror and flashed a smile that was even uglier than a crying face.

She went back out after washing her face. She had regained her calmness.

While having breakfast, Rodney said,  “Let’s arrange a time to have our wedding photos taken. I’ll ask the staff of the wedding photography studio to look for you in the evening. You can communicate with them regarding the style of photos that you like.”

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