Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1911

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1911

Rodney opened the door and entered the apartment straight away. After turning on the flashlight on his phone, he saw Sarah in a thin laced dress lying in the living room. At one glance, he could tell that the dress was all she was wearing.

The young and vigorous Rodney, who had just done it, instantly felt blood rushing to his head.

He quickly looked away. Then, he took a jacket from the bedroom to cover Sarah’s body. When he carried her, he realized that she was trembling all over, and she subconsciously snuggled in his arms.

Rodney’s body stiffened momentarily, and he promptly started a conversation. “Why are you dressed like this?”

“This is how I dress whenever I’m alone. There’s heating here, so I’m not afraid of the cold. But after the electricity went off, the heating stopped working.” Sarah said, shivering, “I think I broke my ankle. It hurts when I move.”

Rodney lowered his head and saw her swollen ankle.

He immediately called a personal doctor over.

Before the doctor arrived, he checked the apartment and found out that the circuit breaker was tripped.

“ It turns out that the circuit breaker was tripped.” Sarah was bummed out. “I was under the impression that something went wrong with the circuit breaker. How silly of me.”

“It’s normal for women to know nothing about things like this.” It was not a big deal to Rodney because Freya did not know about this as well.

Soon, the doctor brought a first-aid kit over. After examining Sarah, he said, “She didn’t break her ankle. It’s just sprained. It’ll take half a month to one month for it to heal. Don’t move around during this period. It’s best that you hire someone to take care of you.”

Rodney frowned as the issue was a little troublesome.

If he were to hire someone, that person had to be trustworthy.

“Hey, you’re feverish too.” The doctor suddenly reached out to feel Sarah’s forehead.

Sarah smiled bashfully without saying anything.

“Why didn’t you tell me that you’re not feeling well?” Rodney touched her forehead guiltily, only to realize that she was having a high fever.

“I didn’t expect myself to be so weak either. I probably caught a cold when I fell down just now.” Sarah gave a bitter laugh. “I’ll be fine.”

Upon hearing her words, Rodney felt even guiltier. He should have driven at a faster speed just now.

Perhaps he should assign someone to look after her every night. After all, it was worrying for a woman like her to live alone.

Only after the doctor checked her temperature did he realize that it was 39 degrees Celsius.

Once Sarah took the medicine, she urged Rodney to leave as soon as possible. “Alright. Thanks for tonight. You should hurry up and go home.”

“How can I leave with your current condition? Go to sleep. I’ll leave after you fall asleep and your fever goes away.”

Rodney took a chair and sat beside her.

Sarah threw a glance at him before falling asleep in a daze.

Afraid of disturbing her, Rodney set his phone on silent mode. He also sent Freya a WhatsApp message. [Sleep early. I’m not sure when I’ll finish my discussion with Mr. Micheal.]

As soon as he sent the message, Sarah began to groan all of a sudden.

Rodney quickly changed the towel on her forehead, but Sarah suddenly gripped his hand and mumbled, “Rodney… Rodney… I miss you so much.”

Her words made him grow upset. He became soft— hearted and weak. “Don’t worry, Sarah. I’m here… ”

As he softly coaxed Sarah, she slowly quietened but did not let go of his hand.

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