Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1909

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1909

“This will enhance our relationship with the kids. There’s nothing bad about it.” Shaun kissed Catherine’s cheek. “What’s more, Suzie loves bragging the most. Every time we go to her preschool, her classmates will always say that we’re the most good-looking parents. I reckon it’s not possible to find a greater match than us in Australia.”

If he had said this back then, Catherine would have teased him by asking, “Are we a couple?” However, she was not in the mood today. “Who’s in charge of Snowden right now?”

Shaun was momentarily stunned. “It seems like ever since Dani was born, Uncle Nathan has handed power over to Rodney. Why are you suddenly asking me this?”

Catherine frowned.

During her conversation with Freya, she doubted whether Rodney was actually hiding Sarah even though he claimed that he would get Snowden members to hunt her down. If he meant to hide the truth, he would definitely keep it a secret from everyone, which would make finding Sarah more difficult.

“Nothing much. Freya said that Rodney will get Snowden members to hunt Sarah down.”

“Oh. Speaking of this, Rodney called me this morning as well,” Shaun said.

“What did he say?”

Shaun darted a strange glance at her. “As you know, I’ve planned to ask Prime Minister Snow for help if  I can’t find Sarah. But Rodney said he was worried that the people in Canberra would hazard guesses and panic and that he could get Snowden members to assist me. After some thought, what he said makes sense.”

Catherine went quiet, and her brows furrowed.

“Darling, what’s the matter?” Shaun turned her body around. “What’s wrong?”

“I’m just wondering if we can trust Rodney regarding Sarah’s matter.” Catherine suddenly said, “If he’s hiding Sarah, getting Snowden members to look for her might only keep her hidden.”

Shaun froze. “Are you kidding me? Didn’t you tell me that Sarah hurt Rodney very badly?”

“Yeah, but he loved her very badly too. Of course, I don’t wish for it to be the case. After all, Rodney is Freya’s husband. I just think that we should keep an eye out on him.”

“Keep an eye out on him?” Shaun’s face darkened. ”Anyway, I have to hunt Sarah down. If Rodney defends her, I’ll cut off my relationship with him.”

“I’ll handle this issue.” Catherine sighed. “Just forget about it. After all, I could be overthinking things, and it’ll be unfair to Rodney.”

Feeling helpless, Shaun pinched her cheeks. “Cathy, letting you handle the issue will make me seem useless.”

“Who said you’re useless? You’re quite good in bed.” Catherine lowered his head with delight. “I want more….”

“Go away. I need to go out and deal with something.”

In the next few days, Rodney went home on time.

At times, he even dragged Freya to accompany Dani for a walk after dinner.

The three of them strolled around the lake in the neighborhood. Soon, Freya’s messy thoughts were gone.

When they had dinner in the Snow family’s residence that day, Wendy was relieved to see the harmonious family. “When are the two of you… planning to hold a wedding?”

Freya was stunned. Only then did it hit her that she and Rodney had not held a wedding despite already having a child together.

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