Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1899

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1899

“Rodney, you don’t have to give me gifts every day. Although I like them, I can’t use all of them. It’s a waste of money. In the future, you can gift me something once or twice a month.”


Rodney nodded.

Frankly speaking, there was no problem giving her gifts every day, and money was not a problem either. However, it was a little difficult to give her different presents every time.

After breakfast, Freya sent Rodney to the airport.

The secretary, Hans Fleming, had already been waiting there for a while.

When Rodney arrived, he immediately went up to get the former’s luggage.

It was not until Freya left that he whispered,  “ Young Master Snow, the owner of that manor has been taken care of. He won’t dare to talk about what

happened last night. I’ll send him to prison for a while, and when he comes out, he’ll leave Canberra obediently.”

Rodney nodded. “Did you find out what happened?”

“He said that Sarah’s very beautiful and that he had been watching her for a while. Since he noticed that she wasn’t married, didn’t have a man, and seemed hard-pressed for money, he wanted to sleep with her. He gave her several hints before, but she didn’t listen. That was why he tried to force himself on her last night.”

“Trash.” Rodney’s eyes looked angry.

Hans hesitated for a while and said, “Young Master Snow, you already have a wife. I think it’s better to leave Ms. Neeson alone. If— ”

“Don’t worry. It’s just for one month, and I won’t care about her much. As long as she stays at Rory’s place and doesn’t come out, nothing will happen after this month passes. ” Rodney interrupted him.

Hans was relieved to see that Rodney knew what he was doing.

He had been with Rodney for six to seven years. Rodney was at his worst when the Snow family cut off their ties to Rodney, and as Rodney’s secretary, he had a hard time as well. Hence, he really hoped

that Rodney would stop being entangled with Sarah.

Cairns was a newly rising tourist city in the coastal area.

Seven or eight years ago, it was only a small city. However, due to its superior geographical environment and rapid development in the past two years, as well as the support from the government, countless real estate developers and entrepreneurs came to Cairns for investment and development. In just a few years, it had become a large city.

Once Rodney arrived at Cairns, he first inspected the factory before having a meal with some local leaders and signed an investment agreement. In the evening, he was invited to a banquet.

“Young Master Snow, I know you have a distinguished status, but there’s no harm in getting to know more bigwigs. Those here at the banquet tonight are all bosses who have invested a lot in Cairns over the past few years. Do you see that black

-suited guy there? He’s a car manufacturer. Last year, he set up a car factory here in Cairns, and I heard he intends to manufacture alternative energy cars. You both can get to know each other and perhaps collaborate on something.”

Director Wale, the person who brought him here, introduced him with a smile on his face.

“That person over there in the suit is the owner of Florace Corporation. He invested 5oo billion dollars in Cairns last year.

Rodney nodded and took note.

However, before he could go over, many people had come over to greet him.

Although it was his first time in Cairns, many people had already heard the news about the Snow family coming to Cairns for investment.

The Snow family was a family respected by the entire country.

“Young Master Snow, I’ve heard a lot about  you. But I didn’t expect to see you today. You’re really handsome. ” The boss of Florace Corporation joked.

“You flatter me. I was just about to go over to greet you. After all, I’m your junior…”

Rodney chatted with the bosses.

When he finally ended the social niceties with one boss, he took a sip of red wine, and another man’s voice suddenly sounded behind him.

“Young Master Snow, we meet again. This must be fate.”

Rodney turned around and froze when he saw that face.

He did not expect to see President Yard from Helios Investment Group here.

The memory of President Yard was deeply engraved in his mind.

Rodney’s face instantly went cold.

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