Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1890

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1890

What did Sarah mean to Rodney?

She used to be his most wonderful crush and first love.

After that, she became the humiliation of his life. She was the one who trampled on his pride underneath her feet.

Moreover, his ten fingers were not enough to count the evil things that Sarah had done.

When she saw Rodney, she was flustered  and wanted to turn around to leave. Rory quickly stood u p and grabbed her. “Sarah, don’t go.”

“You’ve got the wrong person. ” Sarah lowered her head and avoided eye contact with him.

“I recognized you when I came here to eat last time.” Rory pulled her to a chair and pressed down on her to force her to sit down.

Rodney’s handsome face showed a cold expression. “Rory, what do you mean by this?”

“Young Master Rodney, I just happened to see her here last time. I never thought she would end up being a waitress. It’s too terrible. ” Rory often saw Rodney defending Sarah back then. He witnessed for himself how well Rodney treated Sarah. He did not think Rodney would forget about Sarah so quickly.

During Rodney’s baby’s  one-month-old celebration banquet, Rory could sense the distance between Freya and Rodney.

“Young Master Wooten, I’m really not Sarah.”

Sarah lowered  her head and covered her face with her hand. She looked like she was avoiding Rodney.

“If   you’re not Sarah, how do you know that I’m Young Master Wooten?” Rory sighed. “Sarah,

aren’t you a skilled psychologist? How did you end up like this?”

Bang! Rodney hit the table and stood up. His eyes were filled with fury. “She brought everything upon herself. She deserves it. Since you’ve shown up, follow me to see Shaun.”

After he spoke, he rushed over and dragged Sarah out of the chair. “Shaun and the others are looking for you all over the place. Go and recover Shaun’s memories.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Sarah

was roughly yanked to the floor by Rodney. Her face was as pale as a sheet.

“Young Master Snow, what are you doing? ” Rory saw Sarah’s pitiful expression. He quickly stopped Rodney.

“What the f*ck do you know?” Rodney spat out vulgar words due to his anger. “This woman is evil. She used to take advantage of my money and treated me as a backup. When I was no longer of use to her, she kicked me away without hesitation.

What was more hateful was that she went mad and did many evil things…”

Sarah bit her lip and lowered her head without saying a word. Her tears fell to the floor.

Rory could not bear seeing this. “Young Master Rodney, you must’ve misunderstood her.”

“Misunderstood?” Rodney laughed angrily. “I saw it with my own eyes. She was entering the hotel while being all intimate with President Yard of Helios Investment Group. I caught  her  red- handed.”

Rory sighed. “ I didn’t want to reveal some things, but if I don’t do it today, you might actually skin her alive…”

“Young Master Wooten…” Sarah interrupted him nervously. “ It’s all in the past. I don’t want to talk about it anymore.”

“But you can’t let other people keep misunderstanding you,”    Rory said with a straight face. “Young Master Snow, Sarah and President Yard of Helios Investment Group were just acting back then…”

“Acting?” Rodney sneered. “Do you think I’m blind?”

“It’s true. She initially asked me to put on a performance with her, ” Rory said, “Back then, you were chased out of the Snow family and Osher Corporation was met with many obstacles. Your relationship with your friends was estranged, and everything you did wasn’t going well. Sarah thought you weren’t happy at that time. You were distracted whenever you were with her. She knew you had ambitions for your career, and she understood your pain of not being able to go back home. She knew that as long as you were with her, you wouldn’t be forgiven by your parents and family. Since you definitely wouldn’t break up with her, she kept staying in the hotel on purpose to distance herself from you.

“She deliberately looked for President Yard to act as if they were making out in front of you. That was all planned. At first, she looked for me, but I didn’t want to ruin my relationship with you. After all, if you were to return to the Snow family, no good would come from offending you. She really went through a lot for your sake.”

After Rodney heard that, it was as if thunder had sounded  in his head.

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