Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1886

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1886

“I’m afraid I misunderstood. After all… you’re not a romantic person.” Freya put on the watch, which made her hand look exquisite.

Although she already had a watch, she would not mind having a few more nice accessories, especially when it was Rodney who gave her the surprise.

“This probably… cost millions of dollars.” Freya asked sympathetically, “You bought me quite a lot of things from Melbourne last time too. Do you still have so much money to spend?”

“Don’t doubt my ability to make money. I might not be as outstanding as Shaun, but I’m not that incompetent.”

Rodney hugged and kissed her. “Do you like it?”

“Yes.” Freya nodded. She stood on her tiptoes and kissed him back. With a soft voice, she said with some embarrassment, “Tonight… I’ll wait for you. ”

Rodney’s nose almost bled at that moment.

The next day, Freya woke up and received a pair of pretty diamond earrings, which were not available in the local market yet.

On the third day, she received a diamond ring.

She complained to Rodney about his lavish spending. Even so, he placed a new handbag beside her pillow on the fourth day.

When Catherine went to Freycatheli for inspection, she spotted a Vacheron Constantin wristwatch on Freya’s right wrist, a large diamond ring on her middle finger, a pretty necklace around her neck, and a foreign luxury handbag on her desk. She could not help but gasp.

“You’re decked out in jewels… like a rich lady. I know you’re married to Rodney, the rich guy, but… Ahem… You don’t have to dress in such a high profile manner and make others jealous.”

Catherine glanced at Freya’s wristwatch. “I’ve seen it in magazines, and it’s quite pretty. I’ve been longing to buy it but I haven’t gone overseas.”

“Is this only available overseas?” Freya could not help but ask in astonishment.

“Duh. This is a limited edition. There are only 30 watches of this design in the world.” Catherine pointed at Freya’s handbag. “Same goes to that handbag. Where did you get it?”

“Rodney gave them to me.” Freya smiled smugly. “ He gave me the earrings, watch, and ring as well. Recently, he has been giving me a small gift every day. I wonder what he’s going to give me tomorrow.”

“You call these small gifts?” Catherine’s lips curled. “Enough.”

“I think he’s being lavish too.” Freya grinned. “I’ll give him a piece of my mind tonight.”

Catherine was jealous. “Enough. Stop humblebragging.”

“I’m not humblebragging. Shaun must be very romantic too.” Freya’s lips twitched. “I was also jealous of you and Shaun when both of you showed public displays of affection back then.”

Catherine was angered as comparing her situation to Freya’s only drove her to despair. Shaun’s romantic acts could not compare to Rodney’s.

How romantic it was to receive a gift each day. Shaun had never done such a thing.

“Why didn’t I realize that Rodney is such a generous and romantic man before this?” Catherine sighed.

“Of course, you didn’t notice it before this. We weren’t his girlfriends. He was probably only romantic to Sarah.”

Freya said bitterly, “Yet Sarah didn’t know how to appreciate him. I think something is wrong with her mind. Actually, Rodney is pretty good. He’s the eldest young master of the Snow family. Plus, he’s generous and good at cooking.”

“Really?” Catherine’s face was filled with mockery. “This is different from what you said earlier.”

“Earlier… I didn’t know him well enough. ” Freya lowered her head awkwardly.

“It’s not because you didn’t know him well enough. You just had not… hehe. ” Catherine chuckled. “ In fact, things become different after a couple does it.”

Freya was so ashamed that her face turned crimson. “That day… he was really drunk… “

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