Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1871

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1871

Freya let out a hmph. “Then it’s because you want to have s*x with me.”

Rodney raised his eyebrows. “With my status and body, it’s easy for me to sleep with pretty women, but I only want to have s*x with you. What does that imply? It means that I sincerely love you. I don’t care about other women.”

Freya was stunned. She opened her mouth.

Rodney cut her off before she could speak. “Don’t think of me as a casual man either. If I were a casual man, I wouldn’t still have my virginity at such an age. You were the one who benefitted in the end.”

“Didn’t you benefit from it as well?” Freya muttered.

However, after hearing Rodney’s analysis, she slightly wavered.

It was true that if he did not like her, there was no need for him to lie to her.

Rodney saw that Freya was not pushing him away anymore. He was delighted. He brazenly went closer to her and pecked her lips several times. “ Besides… Why can’t I love you? You’re pretty,

capable, and career-oriented. Although you have a sharp tongue like me sometimes, deep down, you have a good heart. Isn’t it normal to fall in love with you…”

She was enveloped in his breaths.

As Freya listened to him muttering while their lips were brushing past each other’s, she felt soft and sweet all over.

It seemed that… his words made sense. She was worthy of being loved.


Freya pushed him away slightly. “My mom always says that I’ m lazy and my house is messy. Do you like that about me too?”

“I’ve known you for more than a day or two. If I disliked those things about you, I would’ve talked to you about it early on.” It was true that Rodney did not mind those things. “Moreover, what’s wrong with liking to eat and being lazy? I have a housekeeper. Why do I need you to do the chores? I’m not looking for a housekeeper to marry anyway. You just have to live a happy life. You can dress up anytime you want to and buy whatever you want…”

Freya’s heart felt increasingly sweet upon hearing that.

When Patrick and Mrs. Lynch criticized her before, she had thought to herself that she was not marrying to be someone else’s housekeeper.

It was the first time that she realized Rodney was quite satisfactory in that aspect.


Freya lowered her head and rummaged through Rodney’s sleeves. She even went through his pockets.

“What are you doing?”

“You’re suddenly saying such nice words. I’m checking whether you’re hiding another note, ” Freya said in a low voice.

“Look for it, then. I most definitely don’t have one.” Rodney let Freya search all she wanted.

Freya could not find anything after searching for quite some time.

Rodney smiled. “Freya, everything I said just now is the truth. Previously when you lived in Brighton Gardens, when did I not c**k for you when I visited

you? I really don’t mind all those things. I quite like cooking, and I like other people eating the food I make. Besides, you’d finish everything up each time. It made me feel pretty satisfied.”

Freya raised her head and gazed at him.

When Rodney said those words, his eyes, which were behind his glasses, were bright and happy.

Freya’s heart suddenly throbbed.

She felt even more touched compared to the way she felt when he drove a sports car earlier today and appeared before her eyes in a handsome outfit.

Actually, she had always remembered the scene of Rodney coming to her place for the first time and cooking for her despite it being a long time ago.

At that time, she had even told Catherine that Rodney was a decent guy apart from the fact that he would become an idiot if it had anything to do with Sarah. It would be blissful to be loved by a guy like him, but Sarah did not treasure him.

She did feel the slightest bit of attraction toward him and had some thoughts back then. However, due to the issue regarding Sarah and Thomas that happened afterward, she did not have those thoughts anymore.

“Don’ t look at me like that. Your eyes are so big, you’re like a seductive fairy. It’s tough for me whenever you look at me like that.” Rodney’s heart itched terribly. When he lowered his head and was about to kiss her again, Freya blocked his lips.

“No. I’m hungry, I want to eat.”

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