Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1860

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1860

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1860

Freya did not intend to keep Dani away from the Snow couple anyway. Besides, as a girl, it would be good for Dani to get closer to the Snow family.

However, Dani was still not back at g:oo p.m., so she called Rodney impatiently. “Why aren’t you bringing her back?”

“It’s too far. I’ll sleep with Dani in the villa.” Rodney said, “Dani has lived here for more than a month, so she’s more familiar with this place and doesn’t cry much.”

“She needs her milk,” Freya said anxiously.

“She can have milk formula. Besides, she’s full from milk powder now.”

“Rodney Snow, what does that mean? Are you planning to keep my daughter away from me?” Freya suddenly got annoyed.

“No. You can come over tonight if you miss her.” Rodney said lazily, “Besides, my place here is much more comfortable than Brighton Gardens. You’re not at home all day to accompany Dani, so she’s quite bored. Since this place is close to the Snow residence, my parents can come over often. You have to think about Dani. After all… You’ve started a new company now. You won’t have much time to take care of her.”

Freya was silent. She already knew that she could not hide the matter of opening her own company from Rodney.

The point was that Rodney was also in the cosmetics business. If she opened her own makeup company, both of them might become competitors in the future.

“Just think about whether I make sense.” Then, Rodney hung up.

After Freya took a shower, her surroundings suddenly became quiet. She was very unused to not having Dani with her, and the place even felt empty.

Furthermore, Dani had not drunk milk, so the swelling made her very uncomfortable.

She looked at the ceiling and sighed. When Dani was around, she found her noisy and annoying little piece of sh*t. Yet when Dani was not around, she missed her.

In the end, she got up from the bed and changed before driving over to Rodney’s villa.

When she entered, Dani was still awake and playing with Rodney on the bed.

Seeing Freya, Rodney’s thin lips raised, and he said to Dani, “Baby, your mommy is back.”

Freya walked over and saw Dani’s sweet smile. At that moment, her heart melted like cotton candy.

She picked Dani up and glared at Rodney. “Get out. I want to feed her.”

“She won’t drink it. I just fed her half a bottle of milk. ” Rodney shrugged. “I thought you wouldn’t come over.”

Freya was speechless.

What would happen if Dani did not drink? She would swell up to death.

Usually, she could use the breast pump to solve it a little. However, she brought it back the last time she went back to Melbourne. She did not expect…

She felt so bitter, yet she could not say anything.

Rodney looked at her bitter face, and a smile flashed in his eyes. “I heard that… you intend to open a makeup company. Actually, why bother? My company also intends to develop the cosmetic industry. We can…”

“No, I want to do it alone. I plan to start the business together with Cathy and Eiza.” Freya quickly said, “ I don’t trust you. It’s fine when we get along, but who knows if you’ll fall out and become hostile down the line? Oh, right. You’ve also accused me of plagiarizing before. Would I be where I am now if I hadn’t worked my *ss off?”

“…That was such a long time ago.” Rodney was most afraid of her bringing up the past and regretted bringing it up. “Fine, fine. Forget it.

You’re my wife now, so no matter how much money you and I earn, they all belong to our Dani. ”

Freya muttered, “Mine will definitely belong to Dani, but who knows about yours? Maybe you’ll take another wife and have other children.”

“ I’ll never marry another wife and have children with her. You’re the only one I like now. ” Rodney looked at her and suddenly smiled. “Of course, we can consider having another baby.”

The topic changed so quickly that Freya’s pretty face turned red.

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