Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1848

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1848

Rodney looked at her enchanting little back. Part of him was exasperated, yet another part of him wanted her like crazy.

Finally, he quickly followed her.

When Freya opened the car door, he rushed over to take the car keys from her. “Freya, I think what you said is very reasonable. I really don’t deserve you. That’s why people like me should be your driver when you go out. You sit in the back. Where are you going? I’ll send you there.”

He opened the back door for her, looking so eager that Freya felt like she just saw a ghost.

“I’m going to look at hunks. Are you sure you want to send me there?” She raised her brows and said deliberately.

Rodney’s handsome face immediately stiffened. “ Sure. I can stand by the side and learn what your type is. Then, I’ll wait on you when we get home. ”

“Did you get possessed by a dog?” Freya felt that all this was very weird.

“Yes, love turned me into a stray dog.” Rodney smiled. He had finally figured it out.

Since he liked Freya, he would spoil her just like he did to Sarah.

No, he would spoil her even more because she was much, much better than Sarah.

Freya did not know what to say. She was defeated.

“I’m going shopping with my former classmates.”

Rodney immediately praised her. “My wife is really beautiful and kind-hearted, so of course she has many friends.”

To be honest, he thought Freya only had two friends, Catherine and Eliza.

“Of course I do. I grew up in Melbourne, so I naturally have many friends here. It’s just none of them can compare to my relationship with Cathy.”

Freya snorted and got into the backseat.

However, she deliberately made things difficult for Rodney, wanting him to head back as soon as possible. Hence, along the way, she kept saying, “ Rodney Snow… why are you driving so fast? Do you want me to get into the accident so you can take the child? Why are you driving so slow? Are you trying to race with a snail? Do you want me to be late?”

Rodney sincerely realized the hard work of being a driver.

However, for love, it was all worth it. He did not say a word.

Once they were at the destination, Freya said, “Go and buy me a bottle of mineral water. My throat is dry because your driving skills are so poor.”

“…Freya, my driving skills might not be very good, but my driving skills in the other aspect are quite acceptable.” Rodney blinked his beautiful eyes at her.

Freya was stunned. By the time she came to her senses, her whole face had turned red. “You call those skills? How shameless can you be? I don’t agree.”

“Really?” Rodney pouted. He did not believe her. “ But I managed to get you pregnant in just one try. Isn’t that amazing?”

“Are you going to get the water or not?” Freya gnashed her teeth, not wanting to discuss this shameful matter here.

“Okay, I’ll go,” Rodney said with a wide smile, revealing two of his small dimples. Dani had also inherited his dimples. Freya’s heart skipped a beat.

Did he have to smile so widely?

Although she called him annoying, she was no match for that beautiful face.

However, she did not wait for Rodney and went straight into the mall.

Inside, she soon saw a lovely woman standing there with a three or four-year-old boy. The woman was Harley Sherman, her high school classmate and a friend who she used to play with in Melbourne.

“Freya, it’s been so long.” Harley  greeted her with a smile and teased,  “You’re the princess of Australia now. I never thought you’d still go out shopping with an old classmate. If the other of our classmates knew, they would die of envy.”

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