Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1844

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1844

Rodney’s beautiful face in front of her suddenly sank in sadness.

Freya’s heart softened at such a good-looking face. She could not bear to see him like this.

“Actually, you aren’t that bad. You just fell in love with a love rat when you were young. Wasn’t I the same? Besides, the one who was hurt the most wasn’t you but Shaun. He got divorced and almost lost his money, as well as any chance of a future with Cathy and his children. Sarah spent his money for more than ten years. To be honest, if Cathy didn’t save him, he would probably still be cheated by Sarah now.”

Rodney froze.

What she said seemed true.

When it came to being cheated by Sarah, did he have it as bad as Shaun?

He suddenly felt like praising Shaun. That man was also an idiot.

Freya continued, “Besides, don’t think Chester has high EQ either. Hah. Wasn’t he deceived by Sarah too? Back then, when the three of you targeted Cathy, he was also on your side. In the end, Sarah’s schemes were just too good.”

Rodney looked at the woman in front of him complicatedly. “Freya, are you comforting me?”

Freye’s face began to hurt.

No, she was supposed to be fighting with him. Why was she comforting him instead?

“You think too much.” She became annoyed.

However, Rodney grinned with his eyes. “My mom was right. You’re really a nice girl. I was blind in the past and couldn’t tell how good you were.”

“You really are blind. No, you also have low EQ. And you’re stupid.” Freya snorted.

“Yes, I’m the stupidest person alive.” Rodney looked at her intently and said in a low tone, “ You’re so good, yet I didn’t know how to cherish you.”

Freya was speechless.

Why did she feel like something was off with Rodney?

Did he wake up from the wrong side of the bed? His gaze was also strange.

His already beautiful eyes now seemed like there were sparks in them.

It made her feel very uncomfortable.

“Freya, let’s live a good life together, okay?”

Rodney suddenly grabbed her hand and took a deep breath. His ears heated up as he said a little shyly, “ I actually… have some feelings for you…”


The spoon in Freya’s hand fell into the bowl. She felt like lightning had struck her brain.

What did he say?

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