Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1828

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1828

Freya’s heart skipped a beat. She quickly picked up the call.

“Where did you bring Dani to? You’re not in the private room. I didn’t see you in the banquet hall either.”

“I got lost. I’ll head to the banquet hall immediately.”

Freya calmed down and spoke with complicated feelings.

Rodney unconsciously blurted, “You stu—”

He held himself back just as the words were about to spill from his mouth.

No. He had to control himself so that they would not end up getting a divorce.

“What were you going to say?” Freya asked. If it were before, she would definitely become furious. However, thinking back to the scene of him helping her just now, she did not let herself get angry. “ Were you going to say that I’m stupid?”

“No, ” Rodney said with difficulty. “It’s normal to lose your way. I almost got lost too. Do you need me to go get you?”

“No need.”

After Freya hung up, she strangely felt like laughing.

Rodney did not lose his way at all just now. He was so familiar with this place it was as if it was his own home.

Forget it. Since Rodney was restraining his temper, she did not have to be so aggressive either.

Actually, Freya did not feel happy whenever she made herself angry.

When she returned to the banquet hall, Rodney had already prepared himself to be given the cold shoulder by Freya. Surprisingly, she did not throw a tantrum after seeing him. She only asked, “Have you finished eating?”


Rodney’s heart was beating like a drum. Could it be that Freya did not notice he was about to call her stupid just now?

“Since you’re done eating, carry the baby. ” Freya passed Dani over.

Rodney was stunned as he carried the baby.

After sitting down, Freya realized that everyone had finished eating. There were two plates in front of her that were filled with the foods she liked to eat. There was a lot of seafood too.

“Mom, did you save these plates of food for me? Thank you. You’re the best.” Freya smiled sweetly at Mrs. Lynch.

Mrs. Lynch had a weird expression. Wendy covered her mouth and laughed. “It was Rodney who saved the food for you.”

Freya was dumbfounded and became stiff.

Maybe it was because she did not expect Rodney to know her preferences so well.

“You can tell Rodney that.” Mrs. Lynch smiled.

Everyone looked over with ambiguous gazes. Freya was embarrassed. She desperately wanted to hide under the table.

Rodney looked at her blushing face. His lips curved slightly. He initially wanted  to tease her, but… never mind.

“Quickly eat. The food won’t taste as good when it turns cold.”

Rodney reminded Freya. Just as Chester told him just now, people like him should talk less and do more.

“Not bad. You’ve changed after becoming a father.” Old Master Snow nodded in satisfaction. “You even know how to take care of others now.”

“Ahem.” Freya almost choked.

She did not raise her head at all as she had her meal.

After eating, Freya and a few elders of the Snow family went down in an elevator.

As she exited the elevator, she spotted the elite ladies she saw before waiting for them with their parents.

Freya frowned. She guessed that those elite ladies were being forced by their parents to apologize.

After all, no one in the Snow family could be offended.

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