Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 181

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 181
“Not tonight. But let’s do it some other day.”

Shaun hesitated briefly before agreeing. He should say yes since Catherine liked it.

5:00 p.m.

Catherine went downstairs and got into a white car.

Shaun was reading work documents inside. His profile clearly showed his long and curly eyelashes. Even his fingers that held the papers were slender and clean. He was impeccable like a statue no matter from which angle one looked at.

She had always been shallow, in the sense that she cared significantly about a person’s appearance.

Otherwise, she would not have gotten together with Ethan in the past. He was among the most attractive-looking men in Melbourne. However, he was incomparable when put next to Shaun.

No wonder she no longer found Ethan interesting. She also could not be bothered with Wesley.

“Shaunny, why aren’t you looking at me? Don’t you miss me?” She leaned into him and hugged his arm.

“I’m looking at a case.” He threw her a quick glance. The woman took off her coat upon entering the car, revealing the tight-fitting shirt she was wearing underneath that accentuated her curvy figure. His eyes darkened. He was too distracted at the moment to continue working.

“Oh, sorry to disturb you. Go on then.” She sat up straight all of a sudden.


How could he go on working after what she did?

He put the documents away and lifted her up to his lap. However, she was a tall woman at 167cm, thus her head hit the roof of the car right away.

The car was too small.

He narrowed his eyes and said, “It’s time for a new car.”

Hadley enquired almost immediately, “Young Master Hill, what type of car are you thinking of?”

“Anything with a spacious and tall backseat. Get it done tomorrow.”


Catherine had no idea what to make of this conversation. She could not fathom the life of the super-rich. The man immediately decided to change his car because the current one was inconvenient when he hugged his girlfriend in the backseat. She was falling more deeply for him.

“What do you want to eat tonight?” he asked.

“It’s getting cold lately. I want to eat hotpot, and I know a good place nearby.” She added upon seeing the displeasure that flashed across his face, “We can try ordering the couple hotpot.”

He raised an eyebrow and gently pinched her nose. “You naughty woman.”

Baffled, she blinked back blankly. Perhaps he had misunderstood something. “Every hotpot restaurant provides a double-flavor hotpot broth option, with both spicy and non-spicy broth base. Don’t you know that?”


“Of course I do.” He threw her a sideways glance before answering diffidently.

“Oh.” She believed him and nodded.

Hadley, who was in the front seat, was speechless. ‘Young Master Hill, you’re surely getting better at lying.”

Upon arriving at the hotpot restaurant, Catherine invited Hadley to tag along but Shaun rejected right away. “He can eat somewhere else.”

He finally had time for a date, so he surely would not allow a third party to interrupt.

Hadley nodded quickly. “It’s alright. I don’t like hotpot anyway. I’ll find something else in the restaurant next door. Take your time and enjoy the food.”

Immediately, he walked out of the restaurant. Catherine threw him a pitiful glance.

Shaun took a seat first. She thought of sitting opposite him but he quickly said with displeasure, “Come and sit right next to me. I don’t know how to do this.”

This took her by surprise. “But you had it with me the last time?”

“You have the cheek to mention that?” His handsome face fell. “Did you know my stomach hurt for three days after that? Tell me, why didn’t you ask me how I was doing then? You cared about me a lot, huh?”

She almost choked on the drink. She had not asked because she did not care about him back then. However, things were different now. “I was afraid that I would give in once I got close to you,” she replied innocently.

Pleased with the answer, he pulled her down to sit next to him. “C**k for me later.”

Helpless, she turned to look at the couple sitting at the next table.

The man did not stop feeding his girlfriend. “Darling, what do you want to eat next?

“Darling, have some of this. It’s delicious.

“Darling, try this too. It’s really good.”

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