Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1805

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1805

Her hand was soft.

It did not hurt. Instead, it felt like she was acting like a spoiled child.

Shaun’s throat bobbed as he grabbed her wrist. “Be good. It’s late. Don’t tease me.”

How did she tease him?

Catherine looked up and met his burning eyes, and her face blushed. She pushed him away hard. “ Pervert.”

Then, she pulled the quilt and lay down.

Shaun also lay down next to her and reached out through the quilt to wrap his arms around her waist.

“Go away. You can sleep on the couch.” Catherine pushed him away.

They had just gotten back together, so it would make her seem too soft if she let him sleep with her on the first day. She had to persist for a week at least, or Freya would look down on her.

“No. The couch is too short. I won’t be able to sleep well…” Shaun held on and refused to let go.

Catherine’s beautiful face became cold, and she pretended to get up. “Then I’ll sleep on the couch instead.”

“No.” Shaun hurriedly stopped her, his tired eyes looking helpless. “I’ll go.”

Then, he obediently went to the couch.

The couch was indeed short. When his tall body curled up on it, half of his legs hung off the edge, and there was no quilt either. Hence, he could only cover his stomach with a pillow.

Catherine suddenly felt like he was quite pitiful, and her heart softened. “Are there no more quilts in the room?”

Shaun shook his head and yawned. “Go to sleep.” After that, he fell asleep very quickly.

Catherine rubbed her messy hair. Everyone was tired at this hour, but because she was afraid that he would take advantage of her, she deliberately made him sleep on the couch. In fact he was already tired and confused, yet she made it seem like he was full of schemes.

Would he catch a cold in this weather?

However, she was too embarrassed to call him over now.

After thinking about it, she silently turned up the air conditioner and then went to sleep.

She did not know how long she had slept for.

In a daze, she felt a burst of heat coming from her body.

She even seemed a little out of breath. Catherine had a dream.

In the dream, she was still in love with Shaun, and they were in their honeymoon phase…

A desire suddenly overwhelmed her, and she could not control gasping for breaths a few times.

She reached out in confusion and seemed to have embraced a familiar body.

The throbbing in her body seemed to intensify. It was up until there was a pain on her thin lips. She opened her eyes in confusion.

The first thing she saw was a man’s long and thick eyelashes. Shaun was kissing her tenderly and passionately, and her exposed skin was flushed with a hint of pink.

What she could not believe was that her arms were around his neck.

Catherine was dumbfounded.

Then, her brain sluggishly came to its senses. This was not a dream.

This b*stard was actually taking advantage of her sleeping…

“ Shaun Hill, you b*stard.” Catherine reacted and raised her head in chagrin to bite him hard.

“Be good, Cathy. I just wanted to kiss you. You looked so cute when you were asleep just now.”

Shaun ignored the pain and kissed her again, pestering her endlessly.

Catherine’s long eyelashes trembled.

The two of them were in the same large bed with almost no clothes on their bodies. It was not only a test for Shaun but for herself as well.

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