Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 180

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 180
Chase, the boss of the firm, grumbled, “Mr. Hill, you’re early today.”

Shaun walked toward the leather seat and mumbled softly, “Hmm.”


Chase was speechless.

Did the man fail to discern the sarcasm in his tone? Could Shaun at least show him some respect in front of all these attorneys?

“Don’t mind me,” Shaun said, raising his chin elegantly. At the same time, his phone vibrated.

He reached for his phone to find a WhatsApp text from Catherine. [Have you arrived?]

The corners of his lips curled upward. [Yup.]

Everyone in the meeting room dropped their jaws upon seeing the smile on his face.


They wondered who was texting with the usually indifferent man. To see a grin on his face was an unbelievable sight.

Chase, especially, had his curiosity piqued. He waved his hand dismissively in the air. “Alright then, that’s it for today. Continue working hard next week.”


The other attorneys were speechless.

He was still talking about improving work performance not long ago. What an irresponsible boss!

Since the meeting had ended, the rest of them gradually filed out of the room.

Shaun rose to his feet lazily, and Chase dashed toward him within seconds. “Who are you texting? What’s with that coquettish grin?”


A frown formed between his eyebrows. That was impossible.

“Could it possibly be Rin?” Chase teased. “It seems that something has happened between you two.”

Shaun threw him a sideways glance. He was rarely in a good mood, hence he was not going to let this ruin it. “Yup, she confessed to me yesterday.”

“Doesn’t she confess to you every day?” Chase was really jealous about that. He would like a girlfriend like that as well.

The corners of Shaun’s lips curled faintly but he repressed it immediately. “Hmm, she keeps pestering me to be with her and wouldn’t rest her case unless I agreed. I really don’t know what to do with her.”

Chase’s eyes almost popped out of his head. ‘Hey, my old friend, that coquettish look on your face says it all.’

“Congratulations! You should thank me for inviting you to Melbourne or you wouldn’t have met Rin otherwise.”

“Thank you?” A look of indifference washed over Shaun’s face. “It’s exactly because of you that I’m constantly being pestered by that woman. And I can’t even get rid of her now.”


Chase was at a loss for words.


‘Keep pretending. I’ll just quietly watch without exposing you.’

“Oh right, what do you normally do after work?” Shaun questioned without warning. “Catherine said her life now is not any different from that of an old woman’s.”

Chase felt sorry for the poor girl.

“Exactly, she’s still young and in her prime. It’s really boring to head home and c**k dinner after work every evening. Take me, for example. Every day after work, I either go to the pub, go for karaoke, play pool, go fishing on my yacht, or enjoy supper late at night. It’s an interesting life.”

Shaun frowned upon hearing that. Chase pulled a face before saying again. “Should we bring Rin for a karaoke session tonight? I’ll make all the arrangements.”

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