Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 178

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 178
The following day.

After breakfast, Shaun was getting himself ready for work.

All of a sudden, Catherin grabbed him by the arm. “I don’t feel like driving today. Can you give me a ride?”

He frowned. The place he was heading today was in the exact opposite direction of her workplace. Besides, he had a meeting waiting at work this morning.

This woman was so troublesome. It took her no time to take advantage of him.

“But you have a car.”

“I want to spend more time with you in the car.” She winked at him flirtatiously.


He threw her a glance as if to say she was annoying. “Let’s go.”

Joy filled her heart.

In actuality, she simply wanted to feel how it was like to not get thrown out of the car at the subway station. After all, she had spent a tremendous amount of effort to take down this man.

Shaun’s hand was injured, hence Hadley had been driving him around lately.

The morning traffic was terrible.

It did not bother Hadley too much, though. He appeared calm in comparison to Shaun who was wearing a sullen expression.

He massaged the middle of his brows, feeling slightly regretful about going out of the way to give her a ride. He would have hired a taxi for her if he had known.

“Don’t get impatient.” Catherine placed her left palm on the back of his hand. “The bad traffic means we can spend more time together.”

She blinked playfully at him. He could see his own reflection in her eyes.

All of a sudden, the frustration in his heart vanished.

The frown on his charming face finally relaxed. He snorted and looked away, but the corners of his lips curled upward faintly. “I really don’t know what to do with you.”

The arrogance was evident in his tone.

Hadley’s fingers quivered against the steering wheel. He had no idea that the serious and indifferent Young Master Hill would behave like a real person when in a relationship.

It also seemed that the relationship between these two had improved tremendously.

He felt like an unwanted third party in this scenario.

8:40 a.m. The car pulled into the company.

Catherine was about to open the door when Shaun suddenly questioned, “Didn’t you say you went shopping last night? Why aren’t you wearing the new clothes you bought?”


Well, the new clothes were in the mall, of course.

She made up an excuse on the spot. “Nothing really caught my eyes. The ones that I like were too pricey. Freya spent a lot, on the other hand.”

“Hmm, are you dropping hints that I should buy you more clothes?” He raised his eyebrows, teasing her.

The woman screamed internally, ‘Brother, you’re overthinking again!’

“I wasn’t…”

“Alright, I’ll bring you shopping after work,” he interrupted.

She had no idea what to say.

The car sped into the distance after she alighted. The helpless woman headed toward the company.

Just when she was approaching the entrance, Ethan appeared in front of her, looking tired and weary. The pressure from the Lowe family and his complicated personal romance had taken a huge toll on him. Coupled with the stubble that had grown around his lips, he also looked dispirited and depressed.

The sight of him took Catherine by surprise. She almost did not recognize the man. “Why are you here again?”

She did not expect to see Ethan again after Shaun had exposed her mercilessly the other day. She assumed he would look down on her after that.

With his head lowered, Ethan pressed a card into her hand. “There’s 500 million dollars in here. Give it to Shaun Hill. Think of it as the legal fees you owe him and stop getting in touch with him after this.”

She was genuinely startled.

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