Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 174

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 174
“There’s no need for that as I’m not interested in knowing. Since they’ve dumped me, it means that I’m not needed. There’s no point in exploring the painful experience.”

Catherine shook her head and said with discontent, “I just feel that life is unfair. Why are people like the Jones family able to turn things around and achieve great success so easily? With that, they get to continue doing evil things.”

In the face of a big enterprise like Hudson, she clearly knew that she was incapable of opposing them.

Wesley hesitated for a moment, then said all of a sudden, “I can help you if you agree—”

“No need,” Catherine interrupted his sentence.

“Cathy, everything I said last night is true. I want to marry you,” Wesley sincerely added, “I treat your enemy as my enemy.”

Catherine shook her head straight away.

She got married for the sake of revenge, and she regretted it. She did not want to repeat the mistake.

Gripping the steering wheel, Wesley said weakly, “If it was Shaun who said this to you instead, would you agree?”

A look of astonishment flashed across Catherine’s eyes. She lifted her head and understood Wesley’s behavior in an instant. Wesley had probably noticed the way she answered Shaun’s call earlier.

“Both of you have known each other since a long time ago, right?” With his quick wit, Wesley soon figured out many things. “I should’ve known this earlier. Shaun is an arrogant person who doesn’t simply agree to dispute a lawsuit for anyone. You have no money nor power, so why would he so readily help you?”

Catherine bit her lip impassively without uttering a word. Since Wesley had guessed it right, she did not see the need to explain further regardless of how he viewed her. After all, her relationship with Shaun had not progressed to the final step. However, when she signed the contract previously, she had braced herself to sell her body.

Her silence was taken as an admission.

Wesley’s heart ached, and he forced a smile. “I have only myself to blame for being incapable of saving you.”

“No. I’m fine at the moment.”

Frankly, Catherine would rather owe Shaun than Wesley. Perhaps it was because she was married to Shaun.

“Do you like him?” Wesley fixed his eyes on her all of a sudden.

Catherine was momentarily dazed. She averted her gaze in puzzlement.

Wesley said gently, “Cathy, I hope you live happily. Even when you’re with someone else, your life should be filled with sunshine and blessings. Meanwhile, both of you should have equal freedom. One should not be trapped by the other. If you want to get away from him in the future, I’ll certainly help you out.”

“Thank you.” Catherine was visibly touched. Wesley did not mock or look down on her, and he was also extremely tolerant of her. If she had met him earlier without the misunderstanding, she would have probably fallen in love with this gentle, elegant man.

“If you really appreciate me, stop calling me Mr. Lyons then. I’m only a few years older than you. Just call me ‘Brother’. If Shaun bullies you in the future, you can always ask me for help.”

With a wink, Wesley said jokingly, “Don’t reject my offer, or I’ll feel humiliated.”

Catherine had no choice but to nod helplessly. With a smile, she said, “Brother.”

She was glad that things turned out this way. She would still need to meet Wesley quite often regarding the renovation project. Since things were like this, their relationship would not be too awkward.

40 minutes later, Catherine got out of the car in front of Riverside Mansion. She then entered.

Aunty Linda had gone out to get groceries. Catherine curled up underneath the blanket to have a good sleep.

At noon, Aunty Linda woke her up to have lunch.

“When you didn’t come back the whole night yesterday, Mr. Hill was worried sick about you. He kept calling me in the middle of the night. Considering that you’re already an adult in your 20s, he didn’t have to worry so much about you.”

With a smile, Aunty Linda added, “They say a man who marries the wrong woman will serve as a mom and a sitter. If a woman marries the right man, she’ll be pampered like a child by the man. Indeed, Mr. Shaun pampers you like a child and treats you as his darling.”

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