Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 173

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 173
When Wesley went out and picked up the phone from the carpet, the notification showed an incoming call from Shaun.


Why was he calling Catherine?

At that moment, a lot of thoughts and doubts flashed past Wesley’s head. At last, he picked up the phone and passed it to her while suppressing his distress.

Catherine pressed the answer button and placed the phone by her ear. Shaun’s voice that carried a trace of annoyance immediately sounded. “I’ve called you three times, Catherine. If you didn’t answer my call this time, I was already planning to call the police.”

Soaked in the water, Catherine pinched her thigh forcefully to keep herself clear-headed. “That’s going a bit too far.”

“I know full well how vulnerable you are,” Shaun said in a huff, “You can be easily trapped once you let your guard down.”

Tears welled up in Catherine’s eyes. Indeed, she had been caught in a trap and was nearly ruined, but she did not want to let him know this. Firstly, it was because she did not want him to rush all the way back from Brisbane. Another reason was that she did not want him to be associated with Hudson. Regardless of his brilliance, Hudson was among the top global enterprises. He could not afford to provoke the company.

“I… I’m fine. I was just having fun with Freya. My phone was in my purse… So I didn’t hear it.”

“What happened to your voice, Catherine?” Shaun said in an irritated manner, “From your hoarse voice, I would think that you’re trying to seduce me.”

Catherine, who was covered with sweat, tried to suppress her feelings and spoke in a relaxed tone, “How could it be? I’m going to end the call now. I want to shop for clothes.”

“You’d better return home early.”

“Yeah, yeah.” Catherine hung up the call and swiftly tossed her phone aside. After that, she immediately got up from the water. Amid her huffing, she said, “Mr. Lyons, could you please go out first?”

“Sure. Let me know if you need anything.” Wesley glanced at the phone on the floor with mixed feelings before he turned around and walked out.

His mind was filled with the conversation between Catherine and Shaun earlier.

Why did Catherine choose to lie to Shaun?

What was their relationship?

Wesley lit a cigarette and stayed outside until the next morning.

At 7:00 a.m., Catherine came out of the bathroom while quivering. She wore the shirt that Wesley’s assistant bought last night.

“Let me send you to the hospital,” Wesley said concernedly.

“No, it’s alright. I want to go home and rest.” Catherine felt lethargic and drowsy at that moment.

“I’ll send you home then,” Wesley said righteously, “Don’t reject my offer. You can’t drive in this state.”

After hesitating for a moment, Catherine nodded.

On her way home, Wesley looked at her anxiously. “Regarding last night…”

“Jeffery is now the largest shareholder in Hudson, and he’ll compete for the chairman’s position next month. I’m guessing that he’ll most likely win. If that’s the case, I’m afraid Rebecca will behave more unscrupulously in Hudson.”

Catherine revealed it all.

Wesley was somewhat dumbfounded. “Since when did the Jones family have something to do with Hudson? If such news is exposed, the Jones family’s status might end up being lower than the Clark family.”

“I have no idea as well.” Catherine frowned, finding everything strange. “My dad seemed to be scared of the Clark family in the court earlier. Anyway, I’m just an adopted daughter. It’s unsurprising that they didn’t tell me about certain matters.”

Wesley felt sorry for her. “Do you want me to investigate your background for you…”

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