Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 171

Dissatisfied, Catherine began to criticize her.

“Yeah. I enjoy snatching things. What can you do about it?” Rebecca gave the two men a wink. “Have a good time with her. You guys must satisfy her, alright?”

With that, Rebecca left with Mr. Frank.

After watching the door close, Catherine felt that her body was burning all of a sudden.

Previously, she had let Shaun consume such a drug. However, she could not fully understand his pain at that time. Now, she completely understood it.

The men walked toward her while rubbing their hands.

The men used to serve as bodyguards to some rich people. They had heard of Catherine’s name and even met her before. Since they were just bodyguards though, they could not covet Catherine, the most beautiful lady from a wealthy family in Melbourne. Little did they expect that they would be offered the chance today. How wonderful!

“Don’t come near me.”

Catherine staggered backward in fear. She took out her phone to call Shaun. However, the moment she took it out, someone snatched her phone and tossed it aside.

“Gosh, don’t you see what’s going on? Nobody will be able to save you.”

One of the men threw himself into her arms first.

Wesley was going to attend a social activity along with his assistant. At the staircase, he happened to catch sight of Rebecca and a middle-aged man walking out of a private room and heading toward the elevator.

The middle-aged man pressed the elevator button for Rebecca in a polite manner. He even let her enter the elevator first, acting just like a servant.

Wesley’s assistant asked curiously, “Hey, isn’t he Mr. Frank, the manager of the planning department? It’s surprising to see him behaving courteously toward that woman.”

Wesley narrowed his eyes. He could recognize Rebecca at first glance. Considering that Summit had fallen from power, why would someone from Hudson treat her so courteously?

It then struck him that Joseph had told him Catherine was busy dealing with someone from Hudson lately. Apparently, she was trying to take on the project regarding the design of the houses. As he thought over it, he felt that there was something fishy going on.

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