Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 138

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 138
Catherine also threw a nervous glance at Shaun, only to see that he remained nonchalant as if he had not just been insulted.

“A piece of trash doesn’t deserve to speak to me.”

He retrieved his cold glance and turned toward Catherine. “Come in with me.”

Then, he walked toward the courtroom. She quickly trailed behind him.

Hadley flashed a smile at James. “Speak your mind when you still have the chance.”

His smile was reserved and polite, yet it sent a shudder down James’ spine. “Aunty, will I be alright?”

Sally looked at him tenderly. “Don’t worry, your Uncle Jeffery has cleaned up all the evidence left behind. You’re only here today as a witness.”

“Behave yourself next time if you’re a coward.” Jeffrey gave a snort of contempt. In actuality, he did not like James too much but Sally had taken a liking to this nephew. Besides, James knew how to please them with gifts every now and then.

“Don’t worry, this young lad is just using his powerful connections to intimidate people. I’ve not heard of him in Melbourne.”

Rebecca frowned. “I’ve seen him before. He’s a good friend of Chase Harrison. It was him who ordered to have me, Janet, and Cindy thrown out of the restaurant last time. James, you should probably watch your mouth.”

“What? He’s a friend of Chase Harrison?!” James was completely taken aback but soon regained his composure. “It’s alright, Miles Clark will surely punish him for taking on Catherine’s case. So what if he has Chase to back him up? The man himself is not a member of the Harrison family.”

Rebecca was persuaded. However, that man exuded an overly domineering aura as if he was at the top of the food chain. She had never seen anyone like him in Melbourne.

Just as she was lost in her thoughts, the elevator doors opened again. This time, Wesley and Ethan walked out of it at the same time.

Ethan clenched his teeth angrily the second he saw the woman. “Rebecca, you b*stard. I must’ve been blind to have actually trusted you!”

“Watch your mouth!” Jeffery reprimanded, “You’re the one who wanted to take advantage of my daughter. It’s a shame. Take a good look at yourself now. You don’t deserve her at all.”

Ethan suddenly laughed as he turned to look at the Jones couple.

“You used to take pride in watching me grow up and treated me as your own son. I thought it was all genuine. Rebecca is definitely your birth daughter. The three of you are exactly the same.”

Impatience washed over her face. “Don’t play the victim. You only got engaged to me because I’m the successor to Summit.”


Ethan’s face was overcast. He was about to spit out harsh words when Wesley reminded him, “This is the courtroom. It’s not a place for you to argue.”

He had no choice but to keep quiet. However, as he walked toward the courtroom with his uncle, he could not resist throwing another glance at the rest. “James, do you know who’s the attorney representing Cathy today?”

A look of surprise flashed across James’ face. “A nobody. We’ve met earlier,” he replied with a cold smile.

“Ha, all of you are really uncultured.” Ethan walked into the courtroom after teasing them.

James and the Jones family who were left behind did not know how to react.

“It’s going to be alright. Catherine doesn’t have the money or connections. How could she have possibly hired someone more capable than Mr. Stewart?” Jeffery said before leading the others into the courtroom.

They had to be present today as they were the witnesses.

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