Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1255

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 1255

Sarah’s face turned pale from Wesley’s words. She knew that her reputation was not good, but Wesley was talking about an opportunity.

After leaving, Wesley quickly went to the Yule family villa.

However, he was blocked by the guard just as he arrived at the gate. Joel immediately rushed out with the security guard after learning about his arrival.

“Wesley, you’re just in time. I was just about to go find you. You beast, how dare you raise your hands against my daughter.” Joel was so angry that he greeted Wesley with a broom.

“Dad, go ahead and hit me. It was my fault for hurting Cathy.” Wesley did not dodge and kneeled on the ground with a pained expression.

Wesley froze, but he immediately understood when he saw several reporters hiding nearby.

“Wesley, you’re insidious. If I hit you, I’ll see in tomorrow’s headlines that Joel Yule bullied you without distinguishing right from wrong. I’ll also suffer a torrent of abuse, ” Joel sneered.

“Dad…” Wesley suddenly said in a low voice, “I came to tell you that if a person goes crazy, he can do anything. Shaun isn’t who he used to be. He can’t protect your elders or grandchildren, especially the two Yule family elders. You should tell Catherine to consider it carefully.”

Joel’s expression changed. “You beast. How dare you use my parents to threaten me?”

“Dad, persuade her. Take the evidence and let’s sit down and have a talk. She might even be able to divorce me sooner, ” Wesley bowed his head to the ground and left.

Joel held back the urge to beat him to death and returned to the villa to tell Catherine about this. “ Cathy, Wesley is a madman. He’s insane. How about… you divorce him first?” “Let me think about it, Dad.”

Catherine pretended to be annoyed and sighed.

Logan looked at her. When they went upstairs, he asked, “Are you just going to drop it?”

“Of course not. I just lied to my dad. He’s always timid and indecisive when it comes to his family. I don’t want to be threatened by Wesley. Besides, the person who’s threatening me won’t let the people around me go just because I compromise.”

Catherine added coldly, “The more Wesley threatens me, the more he cares. Since he messed with me, I’ll never let him have it easy even if I have to fight to the bitter end.”

Logan looked at her admirably. “I find that you’re making me more and more impressed. If you were a man, I might even fall for you.”

The corners of Catherine’s mouth twitched. “Don’t speak as if you’re a woman. By the way, I was confused that day. I didn’t do anything to you, right? I’m afraid that Austin hates me.”

Probably no one besides her knew that the two men liked each other.

When she saved Logan back then, Austin was also grateful to her. He did not want to leave Logan, so he stayed behind to work for her too.

Catherine was open-minded and did not care much about these things.

After all, love had no gender.

Logan’s handsome face flushed with embarrassment. “You were… very excited that day. I f I hadn’t desperately protected myself, I would have been stripped naked by you.”

Catherine. “….” Was she that crazy?

“So you sent me to Shaun?”

“Well… When you stripped my clothes, you kept calling Shaun’s name,” Logan said faintly.

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