Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1253

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 1253

Upon hearing Shaun’s voice, Catherine only felt like a venomous snake had slithered on her.

That day, Wesley beat her like he was the devil. However, he was as gentle as a lover today. “You’re out of jail?” She asked coldly.

“Yeah, the police also sympathized with me, but I had a really bad time in jail this past week. Cathy, I miss you…”

The last three words were particularly uttered meaningfully.

“What a coincidence. I quite miss you too, ” Catherine said in low tones. “But I don’t dare to meet you anymore. Who knows if you’ll add something to my water, or beat me up again.”

“Cathy, I didn’t do it on purpose. I lost control that day. It’s because I care about you too much. You’re not… going to talk about divorce, right?” Wesley sighed. “I won’t say too much on the phone. Who knows if you’re recording it?”

Catherine glanced at the phone that was recording the call and sighed that Wesley was really too cunning and thorough.

“If you don’t meet me, then I won’t have to divorce you,” Wesley smiled. “It’s good if we’re tied up together like this. You’ll always be my wife. Even if you die, you’ll still belong to the Lyons family.”

Catherine laughed and said, “Wesley, don’t threaten me. That won’t work on me. Do you think I’m holding the evidence to negotiate for a divorce with you? That was what I originally planned, but your shamelessness changed my mind. You like acting and performing, right? I’m looking forward to how others will look at you the moment your mask is ripped off.”

Wesley’s breathing was heavier, “Cathy, what evidence are you talking about? Have I done something wrong?”

“Yeah, keep acting, Wesley. I want to tell you that you don’t know me very well.”

Catherine hung up.

In the car.

The call ended and Wesley felt gloomy.

What did Catherine mean? Did she want to release the video of Regina and him?

How dare she.

If she dared to release it, he would never divorce her even if he were to die.

“President Lyons, these two cameras were found in your office, ” Regina was pale as she took out the two small cameras.

She did not dare to imagine that her absurd acts with Wesley these days were filmed.

Wesley looked at the cameras and slapped her across the face. “You fool. Who let you seduce me in the office unscrupulously?”

Regina was aggrieved from the beating. Yes, she did take the initiative sometimes, but it took two to tango.

If she did not initiate, he would go to Sarah instead. She just wanted to secure her position.

“ I’m sorry, President Lyons.” Regina did not dare to retort and could only apologize in a hushed voice.

Wesley took a deep breath. At that moment, Mason called him suddenly.

“Wesley, your situation with Catherine has been a hot topic recently.”

Wesley tensed up and uttered, “President Campos “I just want to know if Catherine has anything unfavorable against you up her sleeve,” Mason said coldly. “I don’t want my family to get into trouble.”

“No, she just got a hold of something regarding my affair,” Wesley said in a low tone. “President Campos, can you help me? I don’ t want this to be exposed.”

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