Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1252

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 1252

When Catherine’s ears felt like they would fall off from all the nagging, she could not help but say, “ Dad, can’t you see? The reporters won’t believe me no matter what I say, so there’s no need to hide it. ”

“You…” Joel was choked. “But you can’ t just kiss him in front of the camera. Are there no men left in the world? Hasn’t he hurt you enough?”

Shaun looked hurt and called out softly, “Dad…”

“Stop. Who are you calling dad? I don’t have a son or a son-in-law like you,” Joel said furiously.

“Uncle Joel…”

Shaun could only change his address by how agitated Joel was. “ It was my fault in the past. It’s understandable for you to scold me, but you can’t push all the blame on me. As Cathy’s father, you didn’t find a good son-in-law and let her marry a scumbag like Wesley who hit women.”

Joel was once again speechless to hear Shaun’s words.

It was embarrassing. Yes, what Shaun said was true.

As a father, he was a complete failure.

In the past, he always praised Wesley, but Wesley ended up being a scumbag.

“Cathy, it’s Dad’s fault. Dad is muddle —headed,” Joel sighed deeply. “After this incident, I feel like there aren’t many good men in this world. I won’t ask you to marry in the future anymore. Move back home and Dad will accompany you and take care of you. I won’t feel at ease if you marry another man. It’s better if I take care of you myself.”

“Okay, Dad. I don’t plan on marrying anymore either,” Catherine nodded seriously.

Shaun’s heart jumped out in fright. “Uncle Joel, you can’t say that. You’re already in your fifties. You can’t accompany Cathy forever. One day, you’ll leave before her.”

“Then she still has her children,” Joel said coldly. “ When I die, Suzie and Lucas would have grown up. It’s also their responsibility as children to take care of her.”

“But they’ll also have a wife or husband and kids. Cathy still needs to find a reliable husband. I’m the best choice. I know my roots inside out…”

“Yeah, you know your roots too well, ” Joel chuckled and looked at him. “You know that your roots are broken too.” 1

Shaun. “….”

Catherine saw Shuan’s beaten appearance and looked out the window with a snicker. Her dad was unexpectedly humorous.

When they reached the Yule villa, Shaun was ruthlessly driven away by Joel.

Catherine chatted with Suzie and Lucas via video call for a long time before looking up the latest search trend.

The video of Shaun and her at the hospital reached more than one billion views.

[Catherine Jones is so rampant. She’s so arrogant even when having an affair. She’ll have retribution sooner or later.]

[Wesley is such a gentleman, but she still belittled him. She’s too shameless.]

[No, what did Catherine and Shaun mean by those words? Were they hinting that Wesley is a hypocrite?]

[To the commenter above, don’t be fooled by Catherine. That woman is trying to smear mud at others to divert attention away from her, but we all

have sharp eyes.]

[Catherine said she’ll let us know something at 8:00 a.m. I think she must have gotten ahold of something for her to say such a thing.]

[No matter what she reveals, it’s best if we don’t believe it. In any case, it’s a fact that she betrayed her husband.]

If it were Catherine Jones from three years ago, she would be so angry at the netizen’s words that she would want to vomit blood.

However, she had to admit that her heart now was much stronger. She was no longer someone who could be swayed emotionally by others.

Her phone rang suddenly.

She looked down at the phone and a coldness flashed from her eyes. She answered the call and Wesley’s voice could be heard in an extraordinarily gentle tone, “Cathy, let’s meet.”

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