Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1251

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 1251

Joel, who was with Shaun and Cathy, was furious and wanted to knock his head on the door. “Cathy, what are you doing?”

Some reporters were dumbfounded, while others frantically began to take photos.

It was the first time they met such cooperative interviewees. After they were done taking photos, they suddenly came to their senses. “Are you trying to tell us clearly that you cheated in marriage?”

“No, I’m trying to tell Wesley through you that I dislike him and feel disgusted by him. I’d rather be with Shaun than continue to live with him. You all think he’s very affectionate to me, right? That’s fine. At 8:00 a.m. tomorrow, I’ll let you all know how affectionate he is,” Catherine smiled coyly and battered her eyelashes.

“What does that mean?” The reporters did not have time to react.

Shaun got into the driver’s seat and pushed down the reporter. He wound down the window and said to the camera, “You look up to me too much. When I

was attacked at the police station the last time, a certain part of me was traumatized. Since then, I have been going to a therapist for a follow-up visit every week. I can’t do anything to her. You can check and find out that Chester Jewell started looking for prominent andrology doctors overseas about a month ago.”

The reporters were dumbfounded. “Don’t lie to us. Previously, you said that you couldn’t do it and went to the andrology department, but when you confronted Sarah Neeson in court the last time, their lawyer presented evidence that you bought contraceptives.”

“I really can’t do it with Sarah. I had no problems with the woman I like, but I really do have issues now. As I said, you’ll know if you check. I’ve been taking medicine,” Shaun said faintly.

“But the last time you came to the hospital with Catherine, we clearly saw she was covered with kiss marks and you were too, ” the reporter said stubbornly.

“Yeah, those were done by me, ” Shaun nodded brazenly. “Unfortunately, I can only kiss her. I can’t do anything else.”

“In short, Catherine cheated in marriage and you two have an unclear relationship, ” The reporter scolded in disdain.

Shaun laughed darkly. “Since I was brazen enough to s****h the bride, do you think I still care about my reputation? I love her. Whether she’s married or not, I’ll pester her forever. She’ll never escape my clutches in this life. Go ahead and scold me if you like.”

He said this so openly and arrogantly.

The battle-hardened reporters were also dumbfounded.

Based on experience, this was not how it was supposed to go. The parties should instead do everything possible to distance themselves from each other.

“You two have no integrity. You’re a bad influence on society, ” the reporters denounced them.

Shaun sneered. “I only know that if it weren’t for Wesley, I’d never have broken up and divorced Catherine in the first place. Since three years ago, he began to provoke my relationship with Catherine secretly. He’s scheming and calculating yet acts like a gentleman. I’ll uncover the true face of that hypocrite sooner or later.”

He then started the car. When he saw that the reporters were still not making way, he floored the accelerator.

The revving of the engine scared away the reporters.

Shaun smiled mockingly. After shifting gears, the car drove away unimpeded.

In the car.

Joel wanted to explode in anger from these two people.

“Cathy, what the hell were you thinking? Haven’t you been scolded enough already? You even kissed him in front of the reporters. Are you actually thinking of getting back together with him?”

“As for you, Shaun, why are you like a ghost that won’t stop haunting her? You can’t do it anymore, so why can’t you let my daughter go? Do you want to trample her for life?” Shaun did not say anything and let Joel rebuke him.

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