Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1250

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 1250

“I know.” Pain washed over Shaun’s face. “I’ve been holding it in, but I can’t even protect my woman and children. I feel so useless.”

“This is only temporary.”

Brennan said, “Wesley only dares to be so arrogant now because he has the Campos family backing him. Once the Campos family falls, he’ll be reduced to nothing. By then, there’ll be plenty of opportunities to punish him.”

“Dad, do you think… Cathy’s mom really is the mistress of Neah Bay?” Shaun suddenly whispered. “ If Wesley knows her true identity, why would he dare to hit her like this?”

“About that… I was surprised too. Maybe… I was wrong?” Brennan was also suspicious.

“Forget it. I really do hope that you’re wrong. If her mom’s identity is that great, getting back together with her might be a bigger obstacle. ” Shaun sighed.

After a week in the hospital.

Catherine was discharged.

On the day of discharge, the hospital entrance was packed with reporters, so Chester arranged for them to leave secretly from the underground parking lot.

However, when they drove out of the parking lot, they were still blocked by reporters.

All kinds of vegetable leaves, rotten eggs, and rotten meat were thrown on the car.

They piled up on the car, making it hard to move.

Some people even opened the door of the driver’s seat and dragged the Yule family’s chauffeur down forcibly. Then, several reporters swarmed in.

“What are you doing? Are there still laws?” Joel was furious when he saw the group of crazy reporters.

The reporters simply ignored him and aimed their cameras at Shaun and Catherine. “Wow, Shaun really is here. Catherine’s affair is caught red- handed.”

“Haven’t you already got a shot of us when I brought her to the hospital?” Shaun grabbed the reporter’s camera with a cold face. “Get out, or don’t blame me for being rude.”

“Bring it on. What are you going to do? Hit us?”

The reporters were unscrupulous. “You cheating couple. How dare you be so arrogant while having a n affair? I want to take a clear picture of you and let the world see your ugly mugs.”

“You want to take a picture of us?”

Catherine suddenly revealed a wry smile. After being hospitalized for the past few days, the swelling on her face had gone down a lot, but her petite face was still pale.

“Not only do I want to take pictures, but I also want to interview you…” The reporter grinned. “Are stolen things nicer than what you have? Have you ever loved Wesley before? He’s the man who gave you everything and silently loved you, yet you used him ruthlessly and trampled over him. Don’t you feel guilty at all? Have you lost all conscience? Has no one taught you morals before?”

“Cathy, ignore him. I’ll drive him out.” Shaun looked at the reporters’ aggressive appearances and could not stand it anymore.

“Why should you do that? Just let them interview me. Otherwise, they’ll hound us like dogs.”

Catherine smiled brightly at the reporter. “Hey, it’s not interesting if you only ask those boring

questions. Why don’t we do something more exciting?”

Then, she suddenly turned Shaun’s face and forcefully kissed his thin lips.

Shaun, who had experienced all sorts of situations before, was also frozen.

Was she… sending the helve after the hatchet?

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