Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1249

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 1249

[So, it’s true that Catherine and Jones secretly cuckolded Wesley at Hannah’s party?]

[Duh. Hannah didn’t deny it, so she basically admitted it. She just couldn’t say it too bluntly.]

[F*ck. Why can I sense a hint of bitterness and sadness in Hannah’s tone? She likes Shaun, right? She wouldn’t have fought with Catherine otherwise.

[Yet another woman was harmed by that sc*mbag Shaun. I really don’t understand. He’s not the wealthiest man anymore, and he still has problems in that aspect. Besides being handsome, why do so many women like him?]

[You can’t say that. Shaun isn’t just a little handsome, he’s extremely handsome, okay?]

[Anyway, I feel like Catherine and he are like cancer. They should just love and kill each other. Why do they have to harm innocent and honest people?]

[I feel sick when I see photos of Catherine now.]

[Catherine is beautiful and seductive. Just by looking at her face, you can tell that she’s loose and shameless. If you’re looking for a woman, never look for someone like her because she’ll definitely cuckold you. Everyone can come to me if you want to see her face. My WhatsApp number is *]

[Iheard that Catherine has a daughter. Will her daughter grow up to be like her?]

[Yeah, I heard that she’s in Sunshine Preschool. I don’t want her daughter to be in the same class as our sons. She definitely learned how to seduce men at an early age.]

[Like mother, like daughter.]

Near the end, Catherine’s expression was awful.

She did not care what people said about her, but they could not drag their children into it. That was the one thing she would not tolerate.

Before long, she received a call from the preschool teacher. “Ms. Jones, could you transfer Suzie and Lucas to a different school? I’m sorry. But because of your recent bad reputation, many parents have come to the preschool to complain. They… they don’t want their children to be in the same class as

Suzie and Lucas. The director also doesn’t want it to affect the school’s enrollment rate, so please can you fill in the withdrawal paperwork? The tuition fee will be refunded to you.”


Catherine did not want to argue.

If the preschool could force her children to withdraw from school because of this, it was not a good preschool.

Fortunately, the children had taken a leave of absence during this time. She could imagine that if they were to go to preschool, they would definitely be attacked by many people.

‘Wesley, you really… crossed the line.’

“Cathy, I’ve called Chester. The news and photos of Lucas and Suzy will be deleted immediately.”

Shaun had noticed it too, and he explained with a cold face, “I had someone to investigate it. The address and photos of Suzie’s preschool were sent out by someone who was encouraged behind the scenes. It should be Wesley’s doing.”

“Yeah. I don’t want to drag the children into this.” Catherine closed her eyes.

Seeing how hard she was trying to hold back her anger, Shaun could only force himself to walk out of the ward.

He clenched his fist in distress.

Then, Brennan called him. “I saw the news on the Internet. I know that the children were affected, and you’re very angry. But no matter what, you have to endure it. It’s not the time to expose your strength yet.”

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