Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1247

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 1247

Catherine closed her eyes to rest for a while when suddenly, Shaun’s phone on the bedside table rang.

She glanced at it and saw the name ‘Hannah Mead’ flashing on the screen.

He was in touch with that woman?

Upon hearing the call, Shaun came out of the kitchen and also saw the caller ID.

He secretly glanced at Catherine before pressing answer in front of her. He also put it on speakerphone.

“Hi, Shaun, you finally answered my call. I thought you weren’t going to pick up.” Hannah’s laughter sounded.

“Do you need something?” Shaun asked expressionlessly.

“Are you still accompanying Catherine Jones at the hospital every day? I really don’t understand why you care so much about an old woman like her.

She’s even married to someone else. How can she compare to me?” Hannah was a little angry at his cold voice.

Catherine was speechless.

Old woman?

She was an old woman?

B*tch, please. She was only in her twenties, okay?

Shaun said faintly, “Ms. Mead, you seem to have the wrong perception of your age. You’re not a child anymore. Some women your age are already

married with children, but still, you act like you’re 17 or 18 years old.”

“You… Did I say anything wrong? I’m only twenty years old, okay?” Hannah said angrily, “Shaun Hill, I’ve already shown you a lot of respect. Do you have to be so angry with me? I haven’t settled the score from that washroom incident with you last time.”

“Enough. I haven’t settled the score with you for drugging me last time either.” Shaun’s patience

was wearing thin. “Hannah Mead, stay away from me. I get sick when I see unscrupulous women like you.”

“Oh, really? Would you believe me if I say I’ll stand up and tell the world that you had a clandestine love affair with Catherine Jones in the washroom during my birthday? I promise that you’ll be spurned by everyone in Australia. All the wealthy and noble families will think of you as shameless, and no one will invite you in the future.” Hannah sneered.

Shaun’s eyes flickered with coldness.

With Hannah’s identity, Catherine would definitely be scolded more aggressively if the former were to stand up and say that.

He did not care about himself, but he was worried about Catherine…

A white and slender hand suddenly snatched away his phone. Catherine said with a smile, “Sure, go ahead and say it. If a reporter asks me, I’ll just

make a public appeal. There’s no helping it. It was Ms. Mead who shamelessly drugged my ex-husband, so I had no choice but to come forward bravely.”

“Catherine Jones, you…” Hannah almost went mad with anger. She did not expect Catherine to be present and hear everything.

She was so close to Shaun.

“Catherine, you’re shameless. You’re married but still not content with your lot. I’ve never seen a woman as despicable and unpleasant as you.”

“Thanks. It’s just a pity that only Shaun can see how unpleasant I am. Oh, by the way, don’t keep calling me an old woman. Although I do feel that a certain part of mine is… much bigger than yours, men will definitely like a peerless beauty like me. Men usually aren’t interested in flat and bean-like types like you.”

Catherine directly hung up the phone without caring if Hannah was furious. Then, she threw the phone back to a certain dumbfounded man.

“What? Are you heartbroken that I drove your admirer away and squandered your opportunity to cozy up with Senator Mead?” Catherine asked smilingly.

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