Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1243

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 1243

Catherine was also choked by his words. After a moment, she said, “Three years ago, I told you that Rebecca was pretending to be Shelley…”

Chester interrupted her. “But we did a DNA test. The one who died was Shelley. Catherine, I know you and Charity had a good relationship, but no one in the Neeson family is simple. You shouldn’t just think about clearing her name.”

Catherine was immediately annoyed by his attitude. “Previously, you said that Sarah was simple and kind and that Charity always bullied her. Now that you have a clear understanding of Sarah’s true colors, do you think Charity could’ve bullied her? Didn’t you see I was bullied by Sarah so badly that I almost committed suicide? You now know that you misunderstood me back then, so has it never crossed your mind that Charity was the old me?”

Chester was stunned by her words.

Shaun quickly agreed like a sycophant. “Cathy, you’re absolutely right. Your words have really woken me up. We were too prejudiced against Charity in the past.” “Yes, it was prejudice.”

Catherine agreed with Shaun’. “Chester, although I don’ t know what happened between Charity and you, you were prejudiced against her and decided that she was a bad woman. You were even afraid that your thinking was wrong, so you found countless reasons to prove you were right, but the truth is that you were too stubborn. I really don’t understand. She’s dead, yet why can’t you give her a fair chance?”

“She’s dead?” Chester murmured. He recalled that when he went to the cemetery the other day, the grave where the Neeson family’s ashes were buried was dug up.

“Of course she is. She jumped into the sea, and the police searched high and low for her but found nothing. Do you think she’s still alive?” Catherine felt a lump in her throat.

Shaun did not know how to comfort her, hence all he could do was pat her back over and over.

Catherine returned to the main topic. “At that time, I really did test Shelley’s hair with Jeffery and confirmed that they were indeed related. However, when the test was being done in Melbourne, Rebecca’s friend from before found out.

“The one who died is the real Shelley because she got switched back the moment before the fire started. I had already guessed back then that Rebecca couldn’t do so many things alone. Rebecca was just a p**n to intensify the conflict between Shaun and me.

“The day before yesterday, when I was checking through Wesley’s laptop, I found he had a photo of Shelley when she was in college. He saved it before Shelley came to your side as a caregiver.”

Catherine looked at Shaun. “I suspect that Wesley was secretly working for the Campos family at that time. After you threw Rebecca into the ravine, she was brought back by the Campos family and became a p**n of revenge. Wesley found the real Shelley’s whereabouts and had her photo, so he made Rebecca transform her face into Shelley’s through cosmetic surgery and approach you. The real Shelley was already in their hands. When the truth was almost revealed, they pulled a trick and burned the real Shelley to death instead.”

Shaun and Chester were horrified.

What Catherine said was most probably true. Otherwise, how would Wesley, who had just come to Canberra, have an early photo of Shelley?

Chester said with mixed feelings. “Then why did they frame Charity? Charity has nothing to do with them.”

Catherine glared at him frustratingly. “I realize that the two of you really become blockheads when it comes to the Neesons. Have you ever thought that if Charity wasn’t the one who was framed, Shaun

and I wouldn’t have fought to that point?”

Shaun and Chester were stunned for a moment. However, they quickly understood.

Catherine said, “Charity was my friend, and I definitely wouldn’t stand knowing my good friend was framed. In order to save her, I’d definitely fall out with Shaun, Rodney, and you.

“My poor relationship with Shaun also directly affected his condition. Later, his condition deteriorated, and he even started to lose his memory. He had to stay in the hospital often and rarely went to the company. In fact, I had already suspected back then that the fake Shelley was adding things in his milk.”

Chester pondered for a while, and a shadow flashed in his eyes. “If that’s true, maybe Shaun’s meals were indeed tampered with. His condition was deteriorating too quickly back then, but I didn’t suspect it at first. I thought that you triggered him.

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