Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1241

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 1241

“What are you doing?” Catherine was a little dumbfounded.

“Giving you a bath, of course. Do you have the strength to wash yourself?” Shaun rolled up his sleeves casually.

“…Get out.” Catherine was annoyed and wanted to push him. However, her legs went weak after a few steps, and she fell straight into his arms.

“Ahem. I won’t actually go out, but you didn’t have to throw yourself at me like this.” Shaun smiled roguishly. Catherine was so angry that her face began to hurt.

In the end, Shaun helped her take a bath and dressed her in clean clothes before carrying her out.

During the whole process, Catherine felt fortunate that her face was swollen. Otherwise, her face would definitely burst from all the blushing.

After going out, Shaun’s phone rang. It was from Lucas and Suzie. The two children were so worried that they did not sleep last night.

Suzie said, “ Scummy dad, how’s Mommy? Where are you now? I’m worried about Mommy.”

Lucas chimed in too. “We want to see Mommy. Where are you two now?”

“Your mommy is with me.”

Shaun handed the phone to Catherine, and she said gently, “Darlings, Mommy is fine. Don’t worry.”

“Mommy.” Suzie choked up when she heard Catherine’s voice. “Mommy, you scared us to death. Last night, Uncle Logan said Wesley hurt you, and he went to scummy dad for the antidote. Were you poisoned? Your body is so weak now.”

Lucas said, “Did scummy dad give you the antidote? Mommy, what kind of poison did you get? Is it serious?”

Suzie said, “Since when did scummy dad know medicine? Isn’t Uncle Chester the doctor?”


The children talked over each other. When Catherine saw Shaun’s snickering face, she felt embarrassed. “Your Uncle Logan found your father so that he could send me to the hospital. After all, Uncle Chester is a famous doctor. We wouldn’t have to queue to be hospitalized.”

“I see. I thought scummy dad had the antidote. That was amazing.” Suzie had just finished speaking when she began to cry again. “Why did Uncle Wesley poison you? He’s so evil. Mommy, we’ll go to the hospital now to see you.”

“Don’t. Did you forget that you almost got into a car accident that day? Don’t come out. Don’t let Mommy worry, okay? I’ll come and see you as soon as I get out of the hospital,” Catherine advised softly.

“Mommy, have you called the police?” Lucas said uneasily, “If Wesley hurt you, let the police arrest him.”

“Don’t worry. He’s already at the police station. ” Catherine did not want the children to know too much, so all she could do was comfort them as much as she could.

“I’m sorry, Mommy. I shouldn’t have… let you marry Wesley.” Lucas felt extremely guilty. “He’s a bad guy.”

“Lucas, it’s not your fault. Mommy was also tricked. Bad people won’t show it on their faces that they’re bad. You should learn from me so that you can better protect the people around you in the future.” Catherine taught him. “Stay at your grandmother’s house for the time being and don’t g o anywhere, okay?”


After finally coaxing the two little darlings, Catherine hung up the phone to see Shaun grinning at her. His eyes were gentle enough to drown her.

“What are you looking at?” Catherine felt annoyed a t his gaze. Especially after she had seen how ugly she was in the bathroom earlier, she felt uncomfortable. “Shaun, I’m ugly. Can you stop staring at me?”

“How are you ugly?” Shaun joked. “Your lips are as thick as a sausage, and it makes me want to bite it. Your little face is like a freshly baked hamburger. You’re whetting an appetite…”

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