Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1239

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 1239

Having been insulted, Shaun was not in a good mood at all. After a long while, he forced out a sentence through his clenched teeth. “Cathy, that was not what you said when you were clinging onto me tightly last night. You said I…”

“Alright. Just shut up.”

Catherine could not hold it in anymore and cut him off. She was irrational at that time, so she must have said a lot of shameless words.

“Fine. Let’s not talk about this. I’ll show you a video.”

Shaun played Wesley’s video for her.

Besides some anger on her face in the start, Catherine got calmer toward the end.

It was not surprising to see Wesley pull this stunt after she had seen his shameless side.

She just felt frustrated and annoyed that she got married to such a person.

Especially in the past, she even praised Wesley in front of Shaun multiple times. She said Wesley was the person truly worthy of her to entrust herself to and treasure.

She literally shot herself in the foot. Her pride and image were gone, and it was embarrassing.

“Cathy, I’ve reminded you many times that Wesley is not a good person. You didn’t believe me.” Shaun said bitterly, “You were bewitched by him. You would even think his fart smells nice.”

Catherine was ashamed.

Those words were very familiar. It sounded like the words she used to mock Shaun with. She did not expect he would return them to her so quickly.

“You’re in no position to say that about me, ” Catherine retorted, refusing to give in.

“I was hypnotized by Sarah. Wesley didn’t even do ” Before Shaun could finish his sentence, he immediately pressed his lips together when he saw Catherine was furious. He did not dare to say anything more.

Catherine closed her eyes. Although she really wanted to give Shaun a killing blow, she had to

admit that he was right. “I didn’t… get deceived by Wesley on purpose. It was all because Wesley took a stab in my stead.”

At that time, Wesley even lost a kidney for her sake. She was really shocked by Wesley’s feelings.

No man had ever gone that far for her before, not even Shaun.

“Do you really think that a cunning, selfish person like Wesley would lose a kidney for you?” Shaun refuted.

Catherine was taken aback. Then, she thought of Wesley’s fighting skills which were on par with hers. She had gone through countless hardships over the years to acquire those skills. Could Wesley have such skills even without a kidney?

Shaun said suspectingly, “Maybe he bribed the doctor and fooled you to get your pity. Think about it. If you didn’t hear that he lost a kidney back then, would you have agreed to get engaged to him?”

Catherine was momentarily speechless from his question.

Right or wrong, true or false, she realized she could no longer differentiate many things.

“What are you planning to do?” Shaun asked, “Do you want to publish the video of Wesley’s affair?”

Catherine lifted her lips weakly. “Wesley knows I have evidence of him cheating. The fact that he still dared to say those words to the reporters means he’s sure that I won’t dare to reveal the evidence. He thinks that evidence is for me to threaten him for a divorce.”

“I’ll let you make the decisions. I’ll support you anyhow.”

Shaun hugged her gently and lowered his gaze. “ If you want to use that evidence to threaten him for a divorce, I’ll reveal the medical report of my ‘ treasure’ that got injured by someone in the police station. Didn’t Wesley say I have an affair with you? I’m already fcking sexually disabled. How can I even have sx with you?”

Catherine looked at him with mixed feelings. “ Aren’t you afraid of being mocked by others?”

“ Since I dared to reveal the fact that I went to the andrology unit, why not this?” After Shaun said that without a care, he suddenly lowered his head and kissed Catherine’s forehead. “I don’t care about what other people say. I only care about you.”

“Actually, I do mind.” Catherine’s eyelashes fluttered innocently. ”I do mind it quite a lot that you’re impotent.”

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