Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1237

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 1237

“Can you tell me what exactly happened last night?”

Shaun’s gaze landed on Logan. “I know I chopped off your finger in the past. I’m very sorry, and I feel very guilty toward you. However, Catherine is your master. Something happened to her yesterday. No matter what, now is the time for us to work together.”

“Don’t worry. I’m not such a petty person.”

Logan glanced at Shaun. “Miss Jones has been investigating Wesley lately. She secretly installed security cameras in his office and found Wesley and Regina having an affair in the office. The main thing is that Miss Jones suspects Wesley and Sarah are conspiring together. Even Charity being framed and going to jail, as well as Ethan’s death, may be related to Wesley.”

A hint of shock flashed across Shaun’s deep, black eyes.

Wesley and Sarah were conspiring together?

Charity going to jail had something to do with Wesley?

Ethan died because of Wesley, too?

All that shocking news stunned him for a long time.

Logan snorted. “You don’t have to be shocked. You were fooled by Sarah about a lot of things as well back then. However, Miss Jones already had us investigate Sarah secretly once she returned to the country. We were the ones who deliberately lured Lucifer back too.”

Shaun smiled bitterly. How many things did he still not know of? “What was the matter with Lucifer?”

Logan said calmly, “Miss Jones asked us to investigate Sarah’s past during those years she was overseas. The people who participated in Sarah’s kidnapping back then were all dead. Only Lucifer was left. In fact, after Sarah was kidnapped by the abductors that year, she sold herself to them in order to stay alive. Anyway, she was quite willing. She serviced a group of people alone. However, it was her who exposed the abductors’ tracks afterward. Many people were shot dead, so she might’ve not expected that Lucifer escaped.”

“We told Lucifer about her news. Ha, after knowing that Sarah h****d up with Australia’s wealthiest

man, Lucifer came back and blackmailed her. She gave him a few hundred million dollars and even slept with him. They had quite some happy s*x. Oh, right. Those days, Sarah was living with you, and you even wanted to marry her.”

Taking pleasure in Shaun’s unhappiness, Logan said, “Lucifer took the money, took drugs, and even brought women back. His private life was a mess, so Miss Jones was afraid that she’d catch diseases from you.”

Shaun’s face turned green upon hearing that.

He more or less guessed some things before, but he did not have evidence. After listening to them from Logan, he felt inexplicably nauseous.

When he recalled that he actually thought Sarah had an undying love for him and that he even stupidly wanted to marry her, he was disgusted.

“Why didn’t Catherine tell me about Lucifer’s existence?”

“Firstly, you were someone who would think Sarah’s fart smelled good. You wouldn’t have believed Miss Jones at all. Secondly, Sarah was exceptionally cunning. Thirdly, Miss Jones thought that you both were quite a match when you guys were together. Didn’t you love Sarah? Wouldn’t it

have been more satisfying to expose Sarah’s true colors after you married her?”

Shaun looked toward Catherine, who was asleep on the bed. He really wanted to hit her b**t to teach her a lesson.

That little brat.

Logan continued saying, “During that time, I followed Lucifer every day. A few days before your wedding with Sarah, a group of Neah Bay killers killed him one night. They even buried Lucifer’s body in a remote place. I was the one who dug his body out and threw it to a place where people would easily notice it. If not, you really would’ve married Sarah, that evil woman.”

Shaun understood everything. “Lucifer must’ve been killed because Sarah wanted to get rid of him t o keep his mouth shut. But how could she find Neah Bay’s killers?”

“That was why we suspected that there was another mysterious person behind Sarah’s back that time, but we could not find out who it was all along. Miss Jones only started suspecting Wesley when Suzie and Lucas got attacked.”

Logan lamented, “We have the evidence of Wesley cheating. He even has some perverted hobbies. All of this is enough to let the public know that Wesley is a deceitful person. As long as we reveal them, Wesley’s words in the video won’t be valid, and

Miss Jones’s reputation can be salvaged.”

“Does Wesley know you have this evidence in your hands?” Shaun asked.

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