Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1236

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 1236

“Last night, I couldn’t resist spiking her food. I thought I could have her by possessing her body. It must sound hilarious, but she has never let me touch her even though we’ve been married for so long.”

The reporters looked incredulous.

Wesley shed a tear. “She wasn’t willing last night, so I lost control for a moment and slapped her. After that, she escaped from me and went to find Shaun. She was with Shaun the whole night. However, breaking the law is breaking the law, and what’s wrong is wrong. I came to turn myself in.”

The reporters sighed. “That’s so sad.”

Wesley said miserably, “Love can change a person. I never thought I would become like this one day.”

Within two hours after the video got out, the views had already surpassed five billion.

Shaun looked at Wesley’s shameless look and was pissed off that his temples began to throb.

What made him more furious was the netizens’ overwhelming criticisms.

[I feel sorry for Wesley. It’s so sad.]

[I can especially understand Wesley’s feelings of loving a scummy woman. Catherine is simply a b* tch.]

[I used to like and admire Catherine quite a lot, but now, I think I’m a fool for doing so.]

[No one can defeat a b*tchy person. Since Catherine couldn’t let go of Shaun, why did she have to go and hurt Wesley? She gave him hope only to disappoint him afterward.]

[I really admire Wesley. If I were him, not only would I slap her, but I’d even hit her to death. F*ck.]

[How sl*tty is she? She can’t even let a bathroom slide. She left Wesley with no dignity at all.]

[Shaun, Catherine, go to hell. Disgusting scmbag and btchy woman.]

[How can a person like Catherine, who has no ethical boundaries, be the director of a listed company? Don’t purchase the houses from her company, lest you purchase a jerry-built house.]

Shaun’s heart almost ached out of anger.

He did not mind if other people criticized him, but he could not stand them degrading Catherine that way.

She was clearly the victim all along. It was him who kept bugging her.

Wesley really wanted to destroy Catherine.

Hadley said worriedly, “This move of Wesley’s is very skillful. He might’ve been worried that Miss Jones would sue him, so he turned himself in first. Although he was the one who hit someone, the police and the public will sympathize with him. I reckon he’ll only be locked up for one week at most. The unfortunate thing is that his words have completely ruined Miss Jones’ reputation, and what’s most frustrating is that she got hit for nothing.”

“Get Logan and Austin to come over. I need to understand the sequence of events.” Shaun thought for a while and spoke.

More than 20 minutes later, Logan and Austin showed up at the hospital together.

They had most likely watched the video of Wesley’s interview too, hence both of their complexions were awful.

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