Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1234

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 1234

Shaun’s face darkened in anger.

He knew that he should not blame Logan, but he was still so furious that he wanted to beat Logan up.

“Hand her to me.” Shaun carried Catherine over.

When he saw that Catherine’s face was much more swollen than the last, Shaun’s eyes narrowed coldly and painfully.

What on earth did Wesley do to her? He hit her until she was in such a state.

However, it was not the time to ask questions about the situation. The most urgent thing was for her to regain consciousness.

Shaun carried her to his car.

Catherine was tugging on his clothes in agony at the backseat.

Shaun tightened his grip on the steering wheel. He could sense that her condition was more severe than his last time.

“Cathy, just bear with it a little more.” He drove the

car to the parking lot and parked it before he carried her into the elevator.

After entering the house, he lowered his head and kissed her lips deeply.

Nevertheless, he did not dare to use too much strength. Catherine’s lips were already torn, so he was afraid he would hurt her.

The most frustrating and damnable thing was that even though the beauty was already in his arms, he was still incapable of s*x.

“Cathy, don’t rush. I’ll help you like the way you helped me last time. ” Shaun then carried her into the bedroom.

The consequence of being impotent was that he worked hard the whole night and barely even slept.

Only when morning came did Catherine gradually calm down. She fell asleep in his embrace, exhausted.

Shaun was very tired too, so tired that his arm was almost dead.

Even so, he did not dare to sleep. He gave Chester a call instead, and Chester soon came over.

Looking at Catherine, who was sleeping on the bed, a hint of gloominess flashed across Chester’s eyes. “

Did Wesley hit her?”

“Catherine’s subordinates said it was Wesley who did it. They sent her over last night all of a sudden. Do a check-up on her. I don’t know what drug

Wesley gave her, but her reaction was very intense last night. She was totally disoriented. I’m afraid there’ll be side effects. Furthermore, the wounds on her face have to be treated too.” Shaun’s heart ached for Catherine.

In fact, when he realized that Wesley might harm Suzie and Lucas, he wanted to have Elle protect Catherine.

However, he had to discuss it with Catherine first. He thought Wesley was still in disguise and probably would not hurt her so soon. Little did he know that Wesley would make a move in just two days.

“I have to take a blood sample and go back to run some tests on it.”

After Chester drew some blood with a syringe, he checked her pulse.

“Her pulse is very weak. It should be because her body is extremely exhausted. Wesley is too cruel. He must’ve given her a large dose of the drug without any concern about how it’ll affect her body. If his dosage was slightly larger, she might’ve died from

suffocation last night because her heart couldn ‘t keep up.”

Shaun’s fist cracked as he clenched it. “Did Wesley do it on purpose?”

“That’s for sure. He didn’t want her to die, but he didn’t want her to let her off easily either.” Chester sighed. “Luckily, you called me over. If you just let her be, her heart functions may deteriorate in the future.”

Shaun was startled to hear that.

“Send her to the hospital. She needs an IV drip,” Chester said. “The injuries on her body have to be examined by professionals. If she wants to sue Wesley, she needs evidence.”


Shaun did not dare to delay.

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