Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1233

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 1233

Logan quickly carried Catherine on his back.

After they ran out of the villa, Austin dashed over with the car. By the time Logan and Catherine got in the car, Catherine was already completely disoriented.

In her eyes, Logan was just a man.

She hugged Logan without any sense of self- control.

“F*ck. What did she eat? She can’t even think straight. ” Austin glanced at Logan ruefully. “Don’t let her touch you.”

Logan was exasperated. “Shut your f*cking mouth.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Catherine started pulling on his clothes forcefully.

“Don’t, Eldest Young Lady. Please let me go.” Logan was on the verge of tears. “I’m Logan.”

“Shaun… Shaun, give me…” It was as if Catherine did not hear him. Her gaze looked as if she desperately wanted to gobble Logan up.

“Quick, hurry. Drive the car and look for Shaun, ” Logan shouted.

Austin was at a loss. “But I don’t know where Shaun is. I don’t know his phone number either. ”

“Are you stupid? Don’t you know to call Suzie?” Logan yelled in frustration.

Austin immediately found Lucas’s number and dialed it. “Suzie, tell me where Shaun is. Quick.”

“Sc*mmy dad? He’s right by my side…”

Before Suzie could finish her sentence, Shaun’s voice came through. “What’s the matter?”

“There’s a matter. A huge one. Wesley has drugged Eldest Young Lady. Come over quickly to help relieve her… If you don’t, Eldest Young Lady is about to strip Logan naked, ” Austin yelled.

“Don’t touch her, ” Shaun roared.

Austin was helpless. “It’s not Logan who wants to touch her. It’s Eldest Young Lady who wants to touch Logan, okay?”

“B*stard. ” Shaun cursed out of anger. “Where are you guys at? I’ll come over immediately.”

“I just exited the Lyons’s house. I’m heading toward the Hill family’s residence now. But going to the Hill family’s residence will be quite inconvenient, right?” Austin cleared his throat and said. “Go to Palm Springs. I have a house there.”

Shaun quickly stood up after he spoke, and Suzie grabbed him worriedly. “Sc*mmy dad, what happened to Mommy? I want to go too. I want to be Mom’s antidote too.”

Shaun was shocked. “Suzie, don’t add more trouble to things. I’ll bring your mommy over tomorrow. I don’t have time to take care of you now.”


“Alright. You can play with Lucas.”

Shaun pushed Suzie away and left in a hurry.

Suzie pouted aggrievedly. “Lucas, why does sc* mmy dad get to be Mommy’s antidote? Why?

Aren’t we the people Mommy loves the most?”

“How would I know?” Lucas lowered his gaze. He was deep in thought.

All he heard just now was Uncle Austin saying that Wesley had hurt Mom.

It was Wesley again.

Lucas clenched his fists in contempt.

Shaun sped to Palm Springs.

By the time he arrived, Austin’s car was already parked at the neighborhood’s entrance.

When he opened the car door, Shaun saw Catherine on top of Logan, who was grabbing onto his clothes tightly. He looked like he would die rather than submit.

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