Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1231

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 1231

Wesley understood quickly. “You had it planned when you sent me the milk tea last time?”

“When else?”

Catherine sneered. “Only you can set others up, but I can’t set you up? It must have been difficult for you to play passionate games with Regina in the office every day. If your perverted look gets out, everyone will surely be shocked!

“However, the charitable image that you, President Lyons, have built may be wasted. A deceitful person like you should be very concerned about your image, right?”

“You really hid yourself well.” Wesley chuckled coldly.

“It’s nothing compared to you. ” Catherine mocked him as she tried hard to suppress the heat in her body.

“Too bad. You still don’t understand me well enough. Let me ask you. Where is the video? Hand it over.” Wesley gazed at her coldly.

“Are you dreaming?”

“You’ll find out soon whether I’m dreaming or not.”

Wesley smiled. “Don’t you know I’m a pervert? Then I’ll let you have a taste of my real, perverted methods. Cathy, if you don’t say it, I’ll have no choice but to call the group of killers of Neah Bay over to have some fun with you after I’m done. I’m not joking.”

He gazed at Catherine. There was an eerie gleam in his eyes.

Catherine was creeped out.

She did not expect that Wesley would go this far.

Perhaps she had forgotten that Wesley did not deserve to be called human.

“Let me ask you one last time. ” Wesley raised three fingers. “One…”

“ If I tell you, will you let me go?” Catherine took a deep breath and asked.

“No, but I won’t let other people have their fun with you. I’ll keep you to myself, ” Wesley said with a fake smile. “Two…”

“In your dreams, Wesley. I won’t hand it over to you. What hardships have I not suffered before? I’ll definitely let the public have a good look at you, this demon. Moreover, even if you use the video to blackmail me, I’ll sue you for marital rape and committing crimes against me. Everything you did was against the law. Worst comes to worst, we’ll go down together.”

Catherine said without flinching, “Worse come to worst, I’ll just jump off a building and commit suicide after suing you. I’m not afraid of death. I haven’t feared death since three years ago. There are people to take care of my children. But it’s different for you, Wesley. Can you bear to lose your empire?” “Catherine, you have a death wish.” Wesley was extremely infuriated.

He raised his hand and was about to slap Catherine.

“Hit me. It’s even better if you hit me harder. By the time when I sue you, your crime of domestic violence will be heavier. Wesley, don’t go to jail.”

Catherine raised her head and flashed him a smile.

That face was awfully swollen, but Wesley held back because of her.

He was the one who had her, and he was about to have his way. Yet, in the end, she actually had him in her hands.

That woman…

His eyes turned weirdly gentle. “As expected of the woman I fell in love with. Cathy, you’re really different from others.”

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