Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1230

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 1230

After Wesley was done setting up the phone, he slowly took off his coat and walked toward Catherine.

Catherine stared at his elegant face. Under the light, it looked ferocious and twisted like a demon.

This was the real Wesley.

She was so disgusted that a glance at him was enough to make her puke.

“Wait, I have one last question. Even if I die, let me die knowing, ” Catherine said with a hint of despair.

“Okay, go ahead.” Wesley was in no rush. He looked like he was looking at a fish on the chopping board. That fish had already gone down without a fight and was only waiting to be slaughtered.

“Three years ago, did you approach me because you really liked me, or did you have other ulterior motives?”

Catherine could not help but say, “I don’t believe someone like you would woo me purely out of love. Did you… already know that I’m Joel’s daughter? Or

were you aiming for Hudson Corporation from the start? You want to swallow up my company.”

“Ha. I’d say it’s fifty—fifty.”

Wesley’s answer was ambiguous. “I sincerely liked you at first. However, I began to hate you when you turned to Shaun immediately after he framed me and put me in jail. Cathy, I loved you so much. What does Shaun have that I don’t? Is it because he’s Australia’s wealthiest man? Well, too bad. He is so inferior now that he can only bow down at my feet. To me, squashing him is as easy as squashing an ant.”

After he said that with a twisted smile, he pressed Catherine down on the bed.

“Did you know? On the night of our wedding day, he sent a video to me. You and Shaun made me feel the most humiliated in my entire life. Since he likes to send videos so much, let’s record a performance and send it to him to watch too, okay? I want him to see how the woman he loves looks when she’s on me.”

Catherine’s heart was about to stop beating out of fear.

Her whole body trembled, but she forced herself to stay calm and dragged out the time. “Then why didn’t you admit it when I asked you about it last time?”

“Wouldn’t you suspect me if I admitted it? After all, no man could stand it. Do you understand?” Then, a s if he had thought of something, Wesley slapped her face hard.

Catherine’s brian rang from the slap. She shuddered and said, “Wesley, didn’t you say… you won’t hit me?”

“Haha, I lied to you. Did you take it seriously?” Wesley yanked her up by her long hair so that she could see the savageness in his eyes clearly.

“Did you think you will be free after today? You’re wrong. Today is just an appetizer. From now on,

you will stay by my side obediently. If you disobey me, I’ll put the video out there for everyone to watch! “Did you think you will be free after today? You’re wrong. Today is just an appetizer. From now on, you will stay by my side obediently. If you disobey me, I’ll put the video out there for everyone to watch!

“You can not think about yourself, but you have to consider your son and daughter. Do you want them to be humiliated their entire lives and be pointed at everywhere they go?” Wesley threatened her coldly.

Catherine shuddered and could not help but scream, “Enough, Wesley. I’ve told you clearly from when you pursued me that I don’t like you. You were the one who kept pestering me and driving a wedge between Shaun and my relationship. If it weren’t for you, Shaun and I wouldn’t have come to this today.

“Never mind that you stopped at no evils, but you even pushed all the responsibilities on me. You don’t understand at all that despicable methods and schemes cannot buy love. You disgusting man.”

“I’m disgusting?”

Infuriated, Wesley slapped her again and strangled her throat.

“Catherine, being able to have my fancy is your honor. Do you really think of yourself as someone clean? Aren’t you just a woman that Shaun got

bored of? Fine. Since you think I’m disgusting, let me show you how a disgusting man like me possesses you.”

He ripped her clothes apart after he spoke.

Catherine yelled, “Wesley Lyons, if you dare touch me, the video of you having an affair with Regina will be leaked too. Office s*x is quite hot, huh? I believe it’ll be even more sensational.”

Wesley’s body stiffened, and he looked toward her with his eyes wide. ”You installed security cameras in my office?”

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