Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1229

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 1229

Although Catherine already knew that Wesley was evil, they both had never really revealed their true colors. So now that she heard those words from him, Catherine finally understood how much Wesley resented her.

“You’re saying I should be grateful to you?” Catherine sneered.

“What else? Cathy, I even lost a kidney for you. ” Wesley sighed.

“Forget it. If I knew you were such an evil, disgusting man, I’d rather be killed.”

Catherine said hatefully, “In these three years, you’ve treated me well on the surface, but you’ve set me up over and over again behind my back.

Three years ago, Rebecca did plastic surgery to look like Shelley to approach Shaun. That was your doing, right? In that case, you must’ve something to do with Charity being accused and sent to jail as well. This is not forgetting Ethan’s death. You’re so evil that you can’t even spare your biological nephew. You’ll die a horrible death.”

“You started suspecting me when Ethan died?” Wesley looked astonished. “I did that so discreetly. How did you find out?”

Catherine was horrified.

She simply said it on purpose, but she did not expect Wesley would really admit it.

Wesley really did kill Ethan.

Looking at Catherine’s shocked expression, Wesley grinned evilly. “I’m surprised. You know a lot more than I thought. Luckily… Luckily, I made my move first.”

“…Made your move?”

Catherine’s expression changed as she immediately looked toward the food on the table. “What did you put inside them?”

“What do you think?” Wesley smiled. “Cathy, I really like you. I’ve spent so much effort on you that if I can’t have you, I will never be satisfied. Besides, aren’t you a sl*tty one too? I watched the video Shaun sent me. Don’t worry. I’ll surely satisfy you the way he did.”


Catherine could not resist slapping him across the face.

Wesley did not avoid it. “Hit me. The harder you hit, the more I’ll pleasure you later.”

“You won’t have your way.”

Catherine rushed toward the door after she spoke. Nevertheless, Wesley quickly stopped her.

With that, they started fighting again.

Toward the end, Catherine felt her body was getting itchier and more uncomfortable. Her limbs became increasingly weak too.

She bit her lips to keep herself sober with the pain.

“It’s okay. I have ample time to waste with you. It’s going to be a long night.” Wesley grabbed one of her arms and yanked her into his embrace.

“Wesley, let go.” Catherine resisted and struggled with all her might.

“I won’t let go. I even want you to give birth to a few children of mine.”

Wesley burst into laughter as he took out a red rope and tied her up. Then, he carried her upstairs.

Once they entered the bedroom, he threw her onto the bed before taking out his phone. He subsequently opened the recording function and focused it on the bed.

Catherine was scared. She really was scared.

She regretted it. She should have suggested a divorce right today. She should have brought Logan and Austin with her.

Catherine could only hope that Logan and the rest would rush in to save her when they could not reach her.

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