Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1227

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 1227

After leaving the hotel, Wesley got in the car and searched for an overseas number from his contacts.

Soon, a seductive voice of a woman came from the phone. “It’s been three years, Wesley. You’ve finally contacted me again.”

“Rebecca, you should be grateful to me. If it wasn’t for me pleading for your sake back then, Mason might not have kept you alive. After all, you’re a useless piece of chess to him.”

After a moment of silence, Rebecca sneered. “ Everyone said Mason disguised himself well. But if you ask me, you’re the one who’s the most well- disguised. You’ve started scheming three years ago.

Wesley, I’ve never seen a more ruthless person

than you. I heard Ethan is dead. You’re the one who killed him, right?”

“You may not be in the country, but you do know quite a lot.”

Wesley’s eyes darkened. “Rebecca, don’t you want to come back? Don’t you want to settle your old scores? Don’t forget who sold you to the mountains and was the reason you got raped. Although Catherine and Shaun are divorced, they’re still living well. Meanwhile, your parents are still struggling in jail, and you can’t even return to the country.”

“What do you want me to do this time?” Rebecca quickly caught on.

Wesley flashed a big smile and slowly said, “I’m giving you an opportunity. A chance to change your fate. You’ll thank me…”

In the evening.

Catherine entered the villa with the evening sun shining down on her.

When she entered, she saw Wesley in an apron, popping his head out of the kitchen. “Just wait for a little while more. We can have our meal soon.”


After Catherine changed her shoes, she sat on the sofa. She looked toward Wesley’s phone, which was on the coffee table.

Her heart started to pound.

She really wanted to see if she could find information about Rebecca from his phone.

When she found out yesterday that Wesley could have been involved in Rebecca’s appearance after a makeover as Shelley, she realized that he might be in contact with Rebecca.

Catherine hated Rebecca as much as she hated Sarah.

She desperately wanted to cut them both into thousands of pieces.

Catherine went upstairs and changed into her loungewear. By the time she came downstairs, Wesley had already served all the dishes and even the rice.

After she sat down, she fiddled with her phone while eating. A moment later, she said to Wesley, “ Our company launched a mobile application, but I can’t open it on my phone. Let me try it on your phone to see whether it’s my phone or the application’s problem.”

“Okay.” Wesley handed her his phone after unlocking it while smiling.

Catherine was surprised. She did not think it would be so easy.

As she was pretending to download the application,

she quickly tapped into his messages. Nevertheless, she could not find anything.

“Did you find it? ” Wesley suddenly stood up and walked toward her.

Catherine frantically went back to the application’s downloading page. She said sheepishly, “I can open it on yours…”

After she said that, however, she suddenly stiffened. Did Wesley say “Did you find it?” just now?

She raised her head only to meet with Wesley’s jet- black eyes. They were like an abyss — bottomless.

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